• Student Enrichment Opportunities

    Thank you to M.A.C.K. and PTA for funding and sponsoring several of these activities on campus.  Please note that clubs and programs do not have unlimited space.  Based on student interest, some clubs may be capped at certain enrollment levels. 


    ART CLUB:  Facilitated by a teacher, students have the opportunity to learn about the elements of art and the principles of design while developing artistic literacy in the area of visual arts.  


    CONNECTIONS CLUB:  A safe space for upper grade students who are committed to creating an inclusive school community and fostering respect for all genders, races, and identities.


    CHORUS: An optional choral music program is offered to students before school one day a week. Chorus is for students in grades 3-6. There are two sessions – one in fall and one in spring.  Each session concludes with a music program performed at a school assembly and for family and friends in the evening.


    GEOGRAPHY BEE: The National Geographic Society sponsors a National Geography Bee in the spring. The Bee is open to students in grades 4-6 and encourages students to focus their attention on world geography.


    INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PROGRAM: An optional instrumental music program is available one day a week during the school day for students in grades 4-6. The children perform in school assemblies in December and May.


    KERBAL SPACE CLUB:  Students get to build a space-worthy craft, capable of flying its crew out into space.  Students create a virtual functional space ship and are able to try Rocket Science!


    MATH CLUB:  This is an enrichment club open to all students in grades 3-6.  It is sponsored by teachers and meets once a month.  Students will think critically, collaborate in teams, and solve fun and challenging problems competitively.  They will also work on creative, exciting, hands-on math projects and activities. 


    MATH Field Day TEAM: Our Math Field Day Team is comprised of students from 4th -6th grades. The purpose of this team is to expose students to higher-level math activities as well as to prepare the members to possibly compete in the Glendale and Los Angeles County Math Field Days.  Interested students take an initial qualifying exam to participate on the team.  As Math Field Day approaches, team members take a final qualifier exam to represent our school at the GUSD Math Field Day competition in April.


    NATIONAL REFLECTIONS PROGRAM: Reflections is a cultural arts program developed in 1969 by the National PTA to interest students in the arts. The program encourages many forms of art and creative thinking. Ideas are expressed through entries within the six categories of literature, music, photography, visual arts, dance and film.


    STUDENT COUNCIL: Student Council is made up of students from 4th - 6th grades. Officers are elected by a vote of their peers. The goal of the Student Council is to provide on-going service to our school. Student Council meets twice a month after school. Parents are encouraged to work as advisors along with a faculty representative.


    SCIENCE CLUB:  This is an enrichment club open to students in grades 4-6.  The club is sponsored by a teacher and meets once a month.  This is a great way for students to expand their mind, grow their intelligence, think new thoughts, discover interesting facts, and satisfy their curiosity!


    SPELLING BEE: Our school Spelling Bee is a friendly competition among students in grades 4-6. Our school champion represents Mountain Avenue in the Glendale Unified School District Elementary School Spelling Bee.


    VISUAL ARTS PROGRAM: This is a M.A.C.K. and PTA-sponsored program, the goal of which is to nurture art appreciation in our school children by providing selected art lessons to each grade level in our Art Room.


    YEARBOOK & JOURNALISM CLUB: This is a PTA-sponsored enrichment club open to students in grades 4-6. The club meets once every week. This is a great opportunity for students to expand their technological and writing skills!


    AND MANY MORE!!  There are additional classes and programs that serve our TK-6th students. However, these classes and programs are outside vendors.  As they are outside vendors, Mountain Avenue does not handle enrollment and payments. Please visit our PeachJar or calendar webpage to get contact information about these programs and/or classes. You may call the Front Office for additional information.