Arrival, Dismissal and Early Release Policies

  • Arrival:


    Consistent, on-time attendance is a priority. No child is permitted on the school grounds without supervision.  Supervision does not start until 7:30 a.m. (Monday-Friday), so children must not come to school before that.  We want your child to be safe!!  Morning supervision is for the Breakfast area ONLY.  No playground use.


    All students are to be dropped off at the Kenilworth gate or if walking, students may use the Walker’s Gate located next to the gymnasium (via the park).  Parents may walk students to their morning line but CANNOT enter the classrooms after the first week.


    No student will be permitted to leave school without written permission from home and/or permission from the Principal.




    At dismissal time, please expect to meet your child 1-6 grade at the Kenilworth gate and Kindergarteners at the Vine Street Gate.  Please do not come to the office at the end of the day and ask for your child.  You must wait at the Kenilworth gate with all other parents.  No early pick-ups please.


    There is no after school supervision (unless your child is enrolled in an after school program).  Unattended students will be required to wait in the office until a parent comes.  We need your cooperation in this matter.  Any student not picked up by 4 pm will be turned over to the Glendale Police Department.  Please pick your children up on time.

    **On Minimum Days, lunch will be grab and go for all students.  Kinder students will be dismissed from their designated gates on Vine Street at 11:50 a.m.  Students in grades 1-6, are dismissed either to the Kenilworth gate or the Walker's gate by the gym.

    When It Rains:


    Drop Off: On rainy days drop off through the Walker’s gate is the gym. When students get dropped off at the car lane they will walk all the way up to the gym.


    Pick Up: Our walkers gate is moved to the gym double doors (students are dismissed from there by class).  Those students that get picked up at the car lane are moved to the picnic shelter on the park side.  


    Early Release:


    No student will be permitted to leave school without written permission from home and/or permission from the Principal.  Students who need to leave school during class time must be signed out and picked up in the school office.  Students may be released only to the adults whose names are listed on the Emergency Student Information Card.   For safety reasons, the identification of the person picking up the child will be checked.  Adults should bring a photo identification card with them.

    If a student is picked up 30 minutes or more before dismissal, they will be marked tardy.