Clearing Absences

  • Please call the Attendance Office at (818) 244-8145 before 9:00 AM on the first morning of each separate absence. If you are unable to make contact with the school by phone, your son or daughter MUST bring a signed note from the parent verifying the absence. Note must include: 1) student’s full name, 2) date(s) of absence, 3) specific reason for the absence, 4) a full signature of the parent or guardian. ANY ABSENCE NOT CLEARED WITHIN THREE SCHOOL DAYS WILL BE RECORDED AS A TRUANCY.


    How is attendance monitored?

    EXCUSED ABSENCE - An absence due to a student’s illness, injury or quarantine under the direction of a county or city health office; or having a medical, dental, optical or chiropractic services; or failure to present evidence of immunizations (Ed Code 46010); for personal counseling, or absence due to attendance at a funeral of a member of the immediate family is considered excusable by the State of California. Students will be allowed to make up work.

    EXCUSED ABSENCE OTHER THAN ILLNESS, COURT APPEARANCE, RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY, AND EMPLOYMENT CONFERENCE: The request must be in writing and must be signed by the parent or guardian, etc. NOTE: Students will be given the opportunity to make up work missed from the first day of any excused absence.

    What happens if I am absent for a long time?

    Students who are projected to be absent for more than 6 weeks due to special disability may qualify for a home study teacher. A parent must request in writing for a teacher to be sent to the disabled student’s home. The request must include a doctor’s statement of disability and the expected length of absence from school. Requests of this nature should be addressed to Student Services at GUSD office. 

    Wilson Middle School Revised Late/Tardy Policy

    Due to the district's change in attendance policy, Wilson Middle School has updated the language of the Late/Tardy policy as follows:
    • LATE= Students who are not in their seats when the bell rings to 29 minutes late 
    • TARDY= Students who are late to class by 30 minutes or more. These are counted as truancy.  

    LATES/TARDIES: Students should be seated in class when the bell rings. All students arriving after 8:00 am must have a note excusing the late arrival and check in at the attendance office. Those without a note are to go to class, and the teacher will mark the student late (unexcused). If the student arrives after 8:30 am (30+ minutes late), he/she will be marked tardy. If there is no written excuse, the student will receive a truancy for classes missed. 

    Detention and/or Saturday school may be assigned for unexcused lates and tardies. Additional consequences will be assigned for continued late/tardies, especially those that happen after the first period of the day. This will also affect citizenship grades in that class. A "u" may be assigned for multiple lates/tardies. 


    Late # (per semester)  Consequence
    Late 1-3 Handled by Teacher (detention, etc.) Parent should be notified. 
    Late 4  Teacher contacts parents for notification of "u" in citizenship. 
    Late 5 (and further)  Refers to administrator who contacts parents. Any additional lates will result in further disciplinary actions such as Saturday School.

    More information on Tardy Policy

    What if I am absent to go on a trip?

    UNEXCUSED ABSENCE - School absence caused by a trip, oversleeping, car problems, missing the bus, babysitting, or working is NOT considered by the State of California as a valid reason for being out of school. It is to every student’s advantage to avoid these unexcused absences.