• School Guidelines

    During Lunch

    Good nutrition is necessary for your child’s health.  Our Cafeteria prepares a balanced meal for breakfast and lunch daily.  The following are the food area rules:

    1. Food is allowed only in designated eating areas.
    2. To ensure students eat calmly, there will be no playing during the first 20 min. of each grade level’s lunch time.
    3. No glass containers of any kind are allowed in school.
    4. If you wish to pack a lunch or snack, please do not include food high in sugar content, candy or soda.
    5. Food is not to be traded, shared, or collected.
    6. The Students will clean the eating area before going to play.
    7. The lunch shelter area is for sitting and/or eating only. No balls allowed.

    Playground/Turf Guidelines And Proper Use of Equipment

    1. Running games are permitted on the artificial turf. Running or jumping from rails or steps is not permitted.
    2. Jelly balls and basketballs are not to be kicked. Only soccer balls or kick balls can be kicked.
    3. Balls are to be used for designated games only. Jelly balls for handball, 4 & 9 square.
    4. Only school issued playground equipment is to be used.
    5. Games are to be played in designated areas only.
    6. No play-fighting allowed.
    7. No actions that can hurt another child - neither words nor physical acts are permitted.
    8. No balls are allowed in the shelter area (lunch tables) or near the playground apparatus.
    9. No one is to get onto the playground apparatus until the yard duty teacher is there. Stay off the mat.
    10. NO FOOD or DRINKS (except water) are allowed on the turf.
    11. Posted apparatus &artificial turf rules are to be followed.


    4-Square & 9-Square:

    1. Game begins with a “fair serve.”
    2. If the ball bounces in your square, you must hit the ball.
    3. You must hit the ball with your fingers pointed down (toward the ground).
    4. Gr. 1-3 allow for 1 catch per game.
    5. Lines are out.
    6. The referee is the last person in line. You may not argue with the referee.



    *Ball must hit the ground then wall.

    *Must hit the ball before it bounces twice.

    *2nd-grade modification: 1 catch per game

    *1st-grade modification: throw the ball instead of hitting it.

    *Lines are out.

    *The referee is the last person in line. You may not argue with the referee.  If they say you are out, you are out.


    Climbing Apparatus:

    The rules below are listed separately on two sides of the board standing right next to the climbing apparatus:

    SIDE 1:

    1. Take turns on all play equipment.
    2. No pushing, shoving, or rough stuff.
    3. Be careful when the equipment is wet.
    4. Use the equipment correctly for fun and safety.
    5. And above all have fun!

    SIDE 2:

    1. Do not walk up or climb on slides. Slide feet first, face forward, in a seated position, one at a time.
    2. Do not climb on or over safety rails, walls, barriers, roofs, or swing frames.
    3. Do not run on, jump off, or dive off playground equipment.
    4. Do not walk or climb on top of monkey bars.