• The goal of the Edison Emergency Preparedness Plan is the protection of students and employees should a major emergency situation occur in the area.  The plan identifies members of the school’s emergency teams and outlines responsibilities.  The plan is updated and revised annually. 

    In the event of an actual emergency (earthquake, fire, police activity), parents are to follow these procedures:

    1. Tune into radio station KIEV, AM 870 for emergency information.
    2. When phones are operating, DO NOT call the school.  Our phone lines must be used for emergency purposes.  GUSD will put on its 24-hour Emergency “HOT” line.  The number is (818) 241-3111.
    3. Be assured that school personnel will remain with your child until someone comes for him/her.  State Education Code requires that all school employees must remain on duty until they are notified that they may leave.
    4. Your child will only be released to those adults you designated on the emergency card.  Please make sure your child’s emergency card is kept current at all times.
    5. The school will be locked down.  Parents and adults picking up students will be asked to come to the Kenilworth gate.  You will sign out your child and they will be brought to you at the gate.  Parents and adults will not be allowed onto the school campus.

    Classes will participate in a series of earthquake/fire/lock-down drills during the school year.  Teachers may receive a simulated disaster scene for their class to role-play.  Parents may be asked to participate in the role-play.  Full-scale disaster drills will occur two times during the school year.  If you would like to participate in these drills, please contact the school office.


    If you are on campus during an earthquake/fire/lock-down drill it is important that you also follow the procedures:


    In the case of an earthquake (or earthquake drill):

    You will hear an announcement on the intercom from the school office to “duck and cover.”  Students should drop under their desks or tables, shield their eyes and hold onto a table leg if possible.  All adults should also drop and cover.  They must remain in this position until the quake has subsided or until an all clear command is given by the office.  The loudspeaker may be damaged, so the teacher must determine when it is safe to evacuate the classroom.  Everyone meets on the artificial turf field in designated lines.


    In the case of a fire (or fire drill):

     You will hear a signal (repeating bells with flashing lights) initiated by the office.  Students, teachers, visitors and any staff/personnel must evacuate the buildings quickly and quietly.  Everyone meets on the upper playground in designated lines.


    In the case of a need to lock down or lock out the campus (or a shelter in place drill):

    Students are directed to go immediately to the closest classroom or open room.  Teachers will lock their doors and keep all students inside until an all-clear signal is given.  Each classroom will be contacted to determine the location of all students and staff.  If students must be dismissed during a lock-down procedure, parents or adults designated on the student’s emergency card, will go to the office to show proper identification, sign the student out and the student will be brought to the office.  No parents or non-school personnel will be allowed on campus during a lock-down.  Students will only be dismissed when given direction to do so by the administrators who will be working closely with the local police, fire and other city officials in order to secure student safety.


    School Safety

    We are deeply committed to maintaining a school that is safe and secure for your children.  Considerable time, expertise, and funds have gone into strengthening safety and security measures on this campus and throughout the school district. Keeping our school safe is everyone’s responsibility.  You are also an important part of our safety and security plan.  Let’s continue to work together.

    Please make sure...

    that your child’s emergency card is kept current at all times.   Notify the school office IMMEDIATELY if there is a change of address or phone