• Should your child be absent for any reason, please do one of the following within 3 days of the absence:


    1. EMAIL: Juliet Toumanian at jtoumanian@gusd.net 


    2. CALL: 818-241-1807 during school hours




     ALL EMAILS, CALLS and NOTES must include the following:

    • Name of the student
    • Date(s) the student was absent
    • Reason the student was absent
    • Name of Parent or Guardian, please sign all notes sent to the school
    • Relationship of the Adult to the student (parent, grandparent, etc..)


    Emails, calls and absent notes may be written in any language. 


    Reported absences are collected and turned in to the State each year for an attendance audit. Absences that are not reported to the school will be considered truancies.  According to state law, the only excused absences are for illness, medical treatment, bereavement, religious holiday and some legal commitments.