• Wilson Fall After-School Sports...Boys Basketball and Girls Soccer!


    The Fall sports season ended on 11-9-22.


    Boys basketball finished the season 5-1 and finished in 1st place and co-champs with Rosemont.


    Girls Soccer finished the season 1-4-1 and in 3rd place.  


    This was another great Fall sports season at Wilson - THANK YOU to our amazing student athletes, our coaches, our athletic director, our administration, and everyone who volunteered and help support our season! 


    Please stay tuned for information re: our Winter sports...coed volleyball and coed flag football. We will be announcing tryouts within the next few weeks. 


    At the bottom of the page you will find the season standings, the game schedule for the Fall, and email information for our coaches and athletic director.  


    Final Season Standings as of 11-9-22






     1st – Wilson 5-1


    1st  - Rosemont 5-1


    2nd  – Toll 2-4


    3rd  – Roosevelt 0-6








    1st - Rosemont 4-0-2


    2nd - Roosevelt 4-1-1


    3rd  - Wilson 1-4-1


      4th   - Toll 1-5


    Fall Sports Schedule and Scores 



    1. W @ T

    Thurs. 10/6

    1. RM @ RV

    Thurs.   10/6

    Boys Basketball - W 49-33

    Girls Soccer - L 2-4 

    2. RV @ W



    Thurs. 10/13

    2. T @ RM

    Thurs.   10/13

    Boys Basketball - W - 51-21 

    Girls Soccer - L - 1-2

    3. RV @ T



    Thurs. 10/20

    3. RM @ W

    Thurs.   10/20

    Boys Basketball – W - 37-31 

    Girls Soccer - L - 2-4

    4. W @ RV



    Thurs. 10/27

    4. RM @ T

    Thurs.   10/27

    Boys Basketball - W - 48-26

    Girls Soccer - L - 1-2

    5. RV @ RM



    Thurs.  11/3

    5. T @ W

    Thurs.    11/3

    Boys Basketball – W - 51 - 45

    Girls Soccer - W - 4-0 

    6. T @ RV




    Wed.    11/9

    6. W @ RM

    Wed.      11/9

    Boys Basketball – L - 40-45

    Girls Soccer - T - 2 -2 








    If you have any questions regarding boys basketball, please email Coach Markos at cmarkos@gusd.net


    If you have any questions regarding girls soccer, please email Coach Peterson at speterson@gusd.net


    Coach Markos has stepped down after 4 years of being Wilson's Athletic Director to focus more on our basketball programs/coaching basketball for our boys and girls teams...please welcome Wilson's new Athletic Director Coach Christy Herington. 

    If you have any questions re: our sports program, please email Coach Herington at cherington@gusd.net 




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    Wilson Middle School recognizes the importance of athletic activities in providing students with important opportunities for total education. These activities teach students lifetime values such as commitment, discipline, hard work, leadership, teamwork, and physical fitness, all of which are the foundation for academic success. Participation in athletic activities contributes to the physical, emotional and social health of our students and promotes a sense of unity and cooperation among athletes, the student body, and the community. Students try out for the limited number of spots on each team. Coaches will select the few they believe will make the best team and the coaches’ decisions are final. All team members will get playing time during the season but not all students will play in every game and playing time will not be equal for all team members.