Konstella Online Communications

  • The Fremont PTA wants to help streamline and centralize communication to create a great experience for everyone at Fremont. We are requesting that you join our new secure and private parent communications platform, Konstella, to stay up-to-date on classroom and school-wide announcements, events, sign-up opportunities and to be part of a searchable directory.
  • ** Konstella is an app and website that helps engage parents. It will be taking the place of Shutterfly, SignupGenius, etc. and eventually Facebook
    ** Below are some of the things Konstella offers:
    • Online and mobile school and classroom directories
    • Sign-ups, and fundraisers at school, classroom, and committee levels
    • Web sales / donations for Spirit Wear, Yearbook, and school events
    • Web, iPhone and Android apps for parents to sign up for jobs and respond to events
    • School and classroom calendars in one place
    • Share pictures at the classroom and/or school-wide level
    • Support for non-English speaking families and parents who do not use the internet
  • A list of the many things you can do on KONSTELLA
  • konstella app1 Konstella app2 konstella app3 konstella app4


    To join Konstella, go to www.konstella.com and select Fremont Elementary from the list of schools to join. This will send a request to an administrator who can approve registration for Fremont parents.

    Once you are on our school’s platform, you will be able to view the classroom and school calendar, school-wide and classroom events, announcements, volunteer sign-up sheets, join committees, and so much more.

    We recommend that you also download the Konstella iPhone/Android app, to stay connected with our school even while on the go.



    Parents who are registered for Konstella receive notifications from the school and for PTA and PAC sponsored events through Konstella. They can also communicate with each other regarding school events and activities, and learn about the many ways they can contribute to the community through committees and volunteer openings.  


    Parents get information about classroom activities, reminders and opportunities to participate through Konstella. They can also send emails to parents in their child’s room or chat with other parents via the smartphone app.


    Pictures can be shared school wide or just with classrooms or committees. 

    Event Calendars

    You can sync Fremont events to your personal calendar two ways:

    1. Sync the school calendar from the website here at https://www.gusd.net/Page/1047

    2. Sync your Konstella calendar, which includes school-wide events and also classroom events for your children and volunteer activities you’ve signed up for. When looking at the Konstella calendar, click “Sync to My Calendar”.