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    Welcome to the after school Eagles Robotics Program. Robotics is designed to inspire and introduce students to the world of Computer Coding, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.


    The classes will be taught on Tuesdays, and some Fridays from 2:30-3:30 pm in the Robotics Resource Room 1205 (dates are currently being scheduled).  Our goal this year is to provide a fun learning environment for our students so they can focus on programing, team building, and critical thinking. 

    Please note that the dismissal will be promptly at 3:35 p.m. at the Vine gate. Repeated late pickups will jeopardize the student's spot in the program.  

    Meeting Dates:

    All our robotics meetings will be on Mondays.  On holidays meetings will be held on Tuesdays.  Schedule TBD


    Robotics Tournament Date:  April




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    parent's tournament guide


    Tournament Schedule


    Robot Design Rubric

    Practice Room

    Room 2101 Set Up

    Room 2101 Set Up

    Gym Assignments

    Map of gym assignments

    Roosevelt Map

    Gym Layout Map


    tournament files

    Questions & Answers 

    Question:  We are attempting to do the moon buggy this year and we wanted to know if before our run, when we inspect the table, if we are able to align the wheels and ensure the buggy is centered in the rectangle.

    Answer:  The referee will place the Moon Buggy back in the parking are if it has been moved. You can ask the referee to align the wheels in the rectangle if they are crooked.

    Question:  We are working on the battery mission. The mission works well when the batteries are clustered together. How will they by place in the rectangle?

    Answer: The batteries are randomly placed in the Battery Storage Area by the referee. They are usually not placed close ot each other. If you have an attachment, try to make it large enough to cover the entire Battery Storage Area.

    Question:  Do you have an extra Mt. Valhalla or hex habitats. We are missing those pieces from out field set.

    Answer: The paper props like Mt. Valhalla, the Terraformers flag, and the Moon Buggy cover can be found online.  There is a Downloads section at https://www.gusd.net/Page/11901

    The specific file for Mt. Valhalla is https://www.gusd.net/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=23633&dataid=29482&FileName=Volcano.pdf

    Printing it in color on photo paper works best. You can also print it on regular printer paper, then glue it to cardstock before cutting it out.  I only have a limited number of 3D printed items like the fumaroles and hex habitats. They are not easily replace so please try not to lose them.

    2020 Tournament Schedule


    Buggy Tender Flag

    The Moon Buggy Cover and Terraformer Flag are paper props.

    We don't use the Water Tender cover. 

    We print them out on photopaper cardstick.

    Fissure Sensor

    There are two fissure sensors made of LEGO pieces.

    We use Superglue to keep the parts together.


    This is a pdf of the competition gameboard.

    Moon Buggy

    The Moon Buggy prop is made of LEGO pieces. This is a pdf of the building instructions.

    Print Gameboard.pdf

    This is the pdf file we used to print out the vinyl competition gameboard mats. 

    We have our mats printed at Zany Graphics in Glendale. Individual mats are about $150.  

    They should have this file at their store, but call first.

    Referee Worksheet

    Robot Design Presentation Rubric

    Use this rubric to prepare your Robot Design Presentation.

    Robot Design Interview Rubric

    This is the rubric used to judge the Robot Design Interview. Share this with your team.

    Scorekeeper Worksheet

    STEM Presentation PowerPoint

    This file contains a detailed explanation of the STEM Presentation.

    STEM Presentation Judging Rubric

    This is the rubric used to judge the STEM Presentation. Share this with your team before they start working on their presentation.

    Transformer Flag Base

    Building instructioins of the flag base.  We added a hexagon math tile to add weight.

    Thor Rock Pulverizer

    The rock Pulverizer peop is made of LEGO pieces.  This is a pdf file with build insrtuctions.


    The volcano is a paper prop. We print them in color on photopaper.

    They need to be replaced periodically. Build the cone just slightly smaller than the diameter of the ping-pong ball.

    Water Tender

    The Water Tender prop for the Ice Pick Lake mission is made of LEGO pieces. This is a pdf of the build instructions

     Revised 4/3/2019