• Student Center Information 2020-21

    Science Center

    If you ever need help with your Biology or Chemistry class, please join The Science Center Google Classroom (code: w52otu3). The Science Center is a place where any Biology or Chemistry student can get free one-on-one tutoring with CV Science Teacher Mrs. Anne Spink, or with an AP Chemistry student. If you email Mrs. Spink (aspink@gusd.net) or contact her through the Science Center Google Classroom, she will get back to you right away and every effort will be made to get you help during the time that best works for you, even that same day if at all possible.”


    World Languages Center

    Join our World Language enrichment center, if you're struggling in your language class, need additional support with completing assignments or would like to improve your time management skills.  The Google Classroom code is hs4n6ha or you can email me directly (scall@gusd.net) with any questions on how to get free online tutoring from me and other qualified AP tutors in your specific language of study.


    Math Center

    If you need extra math help, you can sign up for CVHS Math Center 2020-2021 in google classroom, join code z5geuvo.  There, you will see instructions on how to set up an appointment for math help with Mr. Allen (jallen@gusd.net).


    English Center

    Are you struggling in your English class? Is there an assignment that you don't understand? Do you just want to talk through it with someone who will help you feel more comfortable with the work? If so, join the English Center on Mrs. Lyons' Google Classroom (alyons@gusd.net) with course code ie2anna.de