• Community Service 

    UPDATE: Current Seniors will have until May 15, 2020 to submit community service hours.
    Seniors instructions for how to submit a community service application and
    how to upload your logs are on your senior google classroom and the weekly update email from Mrs. Iraheta. 
    Community Service hours for current 9th-11th grade students will be due October 1, 2020. 
    1.Tornado Community Service Award 
    To earn the Tornado Community Service Award students must complete a minimum of 50 hours of community service within one academic school year  (from April 2019-April 2020).  Students must apply to receive this award. A log to track hours can be picked up in the counseling office. We need to have documentation (signature and phone number) for all hours logged. Students who qualify for this award receive a pin and a certificate. Students may choose to wear the pin at graduation. Pins are awarded based on how many hours you complete. The application and logs will be due Friday April 3, 2020. Students can earn a total of 4 pins if they apply every year.
    50-99 hours earns a Bronze pin
    100 to 149 hours earns a Silver pin
    150 hours or more earns a Gold pin



    2. The Hoover Volunteer Medal 

    This is an award that can be earned only in your senior year. The Hoover Volunteer Medal can be worn during graduation. Applications for this award are due May 15, 2020 you may pick up an application from the counseling office. 

    To earn this award  students must:

    A. Complete a total of 200 hours between 9th and 12th grade. It is required that 50 hours be completed at each grade level. In April when you fill out the application if you do not submit documentation for hours earned at every grade level you will not be eligible for the medal. Students are responsible for keeping records and copies of all hours submitted every year.

    AND in your senior year

    B. Participate in 3 Hoover specific volunteer activities.These are to be selected from the following list. Make sure you get the adult in charge of the event to sign your form, students cannot sign off on the event! See Mrs.Gonzales if an event you would like to participate in is not on the list. 

    Back to school night in Sept
    Relay for Life team member/ participant 5 hours minimum 
    Relay for Life sponsor of Hoover team members ($3 minimum) 
    A variety of athletic events throughout the year (see Mr. Van Patten)
    Eyeglass collection (3 pairs minimum) October
    ASB Food Drive in November 
    Hoover Blood drive offered several times a year
    Hoover Tour of Homes in December  
    Pennnies for patients in the Spring (300 pennies) 
    Festival of Learning in the Spring
    Taste of Glendale in the Spring 
    Volunteer for HHS PTA events throughout the year
    NHS (National Honor Society) Collection

    Attend 7 TUPE (tobacco use prevention education) lunch meetings ( see Mrs. Brownstein Rm 10212) 

    Contact Mrs.Gonzales in the counseling office for more information
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