• Glendale Unified School District

        Columbus Elementary

       School Site Council (SSC) Meeting

           October 12, 2021 ~ 3:00 pm

      Via Zoom








         Date                 Complete




    1.    Elect Officers


    11. Review, Update, Finalize and Approve Safety Plan (March 1st)




    2.    SSC Member Training:                            Primary roles, responsibilities, how to conduct effective meetings (Robert’s Rule of Order), Review/update/approve By-Laws


    12. SPSA Budget Review/Approval required – reflected on agenda and in minutes (Current yr. SPSA) (March-June)



    3. SPSA Training:                                                How to analyze data; How to identify research based practices; Development of the SPSA -  Training Guide available                                                  



    13. Review school site Behavior Plan, Discipline Plan and/or PBIS Matrix (April/May)


    4.    Uniform Complaint Procedures


    14. Annual Title I Annual Needs Assessment (April/May)





    5. Title I – Parent Meeting

    Consolidated Programs Overview Title I, II & III (Inform parents of school’s participation in Title I; Title I requirements, interventions and school site Title I eligibility) (Sept.-Nov.)


    15. Document and record SPSA Program Development (recommendations on goals, programs and budget) (April/May)

    Evaluation to guide following yrs. SPSA



    6.  Parent Education Opportunities – Informing parents on what’s available (Aug. - June)


    16. Assessment/Curriculum/ Program Effectiveness (Form H – SPSA) Annual Evaluation (May)


    7.  Reclassification Procedure/Updates


    9. Home-School Compact/Parent Involvement Policy Review and Revise (April/May)


    8.  Student Attendance* Dashboard Data


    17.   EL Program* Student data (Aug. - June)



    9.  Review SPSA annually including expenditures and alignment with goals. (Jan./Feb. & April/May)


    18. EL Needs Assessment (Aug. - June)


    10. SPSA Approval required (Forms E & F) (Feb. & May)


    19. Set next year’s meeting dates





    1. Welcome and Introductions:
    2. New Members


    1. Approval of Agenda


    III.       Approval of Minutes of 5/20/21 SSC meeting



    1. New Business
    2. Election of SSC Officers
    3. Elect DELAC Representative
    4. SSC member Training
    5. Review Robert's Rules of Order
    6. Review/Update/Approve SSC By-Laws
    7. Title I Parent Meeting
    8. SPSA Training
    9. 21-22 SPSA Approval


    1. Open Session (3 minutes per item)


    1. Future Meetings:


    VII.      Adjournment




    2021-22 SSC Meeting Dates


    October 12, 2021 (today’s meeting)

    December 14, 2021

    March 3, 2022

    May 17, 2022