• Getting involved in a club at Roosevelt is a terrific way to make friends and learn more about something that interests our students.  Some clubs meet during snack or lunch while others have after-school or weekend commitments.  Students can learn about club meetings through the Student Bulletin, which is read to students period 1 on Mondays and Thursdays.  Additionally, it can be accessed here.  
    Every year, ASB hosts a club rush during lunch where students can learn about the available clubs and what they do.  This event gives students the opportunity to see what each club is about and if interests them.  
    club rush  clubrush2
    Some Clubs on Campus Include:
    • Kings and Queens Chess Club
    • Roosevelt Music Club
    • Yearbook Squad
    • California Junior Scholarship Federation
    • Pathways to College
    • Social Club/Friendship Club
    • Girls Rock Band
    • Stock Market Club
    • Rock Band
    • Journalism club
    • Drama Club
    • Rough Rider Athletic Club
    • Red Wave Club
    • Robotics
    • MESA
    • Eco Club
    • Masters of Math Club
    • KPOP Club
    • FCCFA


    Students can start a new club easily at Roosevelt.  Find out more on how to make this happen in the student store!