Dress Code

  • Clothing may NOT be worn if it includes:


    1. Clothing or jewelry deemed provocative, disruptive, or offensive to the educational process. (e.g., Clothing with slogans or pictures that depict alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, racism, or violence.)
    2. Halter-tops, crop-tops, see-through fabrics, spaghetti strap tops, tube tops, muscle shirts (jerseys), bare midriffs or any tops that reveal undergarments.
    3. Attire or accessories that may be used as a weapon such as spikes, chains, steel-toed boots, studs, etc.
    4. Backless or open-toed footwear.
    5. Shorts, skirts, and skorts that are shorter than mid-thigh length.
    6. Hoods on sweaters, shirts, etc. are not to be worn over the head while indoors.
    7. Baseball hats, knit caps and any other headgear are not to be worn on campus. The only exception would be sun hats with large brims.


    *NOTE: Toll dress code is subject to change without notice.


    Dress Code Violation Procedures Students who do not wear the appropriate attire will receive the following consequences for defiance of school rules:


    1st Violation    Opportunity to change clothes

    2nd Violation   Parent Notification 2 days trash pick-up

    3rd Violation   ATS and call to parents


    Administration will determine appropriate consequences for subsequent violations.