Grading Information

  • Parents are encouraged to be involved in monitoring their student’s academic progress regularly by;


    • Signing up for Parent/Student Connect through the the Toll website.  Select forgot password in upper left to set up account.


    • Reaching out to your child’s teachers with any concerns. Email is the best way to contact teachers. Go to for teacher email addresses.


    • Reviewing your child’s progress and report cards. Grade reports are issued every five weeks. Permanent record grades are issued at the end of the 19th (December) and 38th (June) weeks.


    Grades are reported during each five week marking period utilizing the A, B, C, D and F marking system.


    Citizenship is also reported during each five week marking period.


    O  = Outstanding

    S   = Satisfactory

    N  = Needs Improvement

    U  = Unsatisfactory


    *Credits and citizenship requirements are required for promotion from 8th grade*