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  • Franklin Elementary was built in 1926. 

    Five acres of land were purchased in 1925 and a contract was let for a school, which together with the site, cost about $60,000.00 ($871,328.32 in 2019 dollars).


    In 1929, classrooms were added. 


    In 1947, two classrooms further were added.


    In 1949, four more classrooms were added at a cost of roughly $80,000.00 ($934,820.47 in 2019 dollars).

    In addition, the original building was rehabilitated at a cost of about $140,000.00.  ($1,490,365.25 in 2019 dollars).


    In 1955, a multipurpose room (the current library/computer lab) was built; it later functioned as the Kindergarten classroom.


    New Building

    Our new building, built with state Measure S funds, was completed in 2016.

    Our Urban Greening Grant project was finally completed in 2017. Today, it's maintained by our Green Team.


    Dual Immersion

    2008-2009: The first dual immersion program (German) launched.


    2009-2010: BFEF, our nonprofit foundation, was established by parents Gillian Bonacci, Hilary Stern, Leigh Colette and Bill LaVigne, with Daniel Denny serving as pro bono attorney. Italian and Spanish FLAG launch (Kinder and 1st grades) launched as well.


    2011: Three BFEF parents research, write, and win a $1 million Urban Greening Grant from Proposition 84 state funds.


    2012: French FLAG begins; BFEF funds weekly music instruction for every class in grades K-3.