Learning Pathways Descriptions

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    3D Animation (Virtual Reality Game Design and Programming)(Year Course) 

    Video Game Design and Programming - Virtual Reality is a two semester course in the Arts, Media & Entertainment - Game Design Industry sector. Students will learn basic foundations of video game design for both 2D and 3D games, and then the ability to program their game using C# and Visual Scripting(Bolt). Specialized curriculum in the field of virtual reality games will be introduced, and the games that are built will be played on a virtual reality headset (Oculus and HTC Vive). This course prepares students for the technology and software packages that they will use to build video games and software applications for careers in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment – Game Design sector. The foundation and pathway standards make explicit the appropriate knowledge, skills, and practical experience students should have to pursue their chosen profession through whatever course of postsecondary, collegiate, and graduate training or apprenticeship it may require. Also certain unity certification tests may be offered.


    Advanced Band (Concert Band)

    This class is for students who wish to continue with their chosen band instrument (flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, electric guitar, or drums). This class performs regularly.  This group also performs as a marching band at some parades.


    Advanced Orchestra(Year Course)

    This class is for students who wish to continue with their chosen string instrument (violin, viola, cello and string bass).  We will accept piano players who have had at least four years of lessons. This class performs regularly.


    Beginning Band(Year Course)

    This class is for students who want to learn flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, and tuba, electric guitar, or drums. No experience is needed.  


    Beginning Orchestra(Year Course)

    This class is for students who want to learn violin, viola, cello or string bass. No experience is needed.  


    Beginning Piano(Year Course)

    The Roosevelt Middle School piano class will teach students basic keyboard skills and will train students in music reading and music theory. Keyboard history and literature will be presented in the second semester.

    Beginning Spanish(Year Course)

    Is designed for students who want to begin learning Spanish. We will go over vocabulary, pronouns and sentence structure. The book also provides short stories. This is a class designed for non heritage students.


    Culinary (Year Course)

    This course places an emphasis on cooking basics and food choices for good nutrition and personal health.  We will learn fundamental cooking techniques and nutrition basics.



    Dance is a yearlong exploratory class that will present dance as an art form that stimulates the mind as well as challenges the body. Students will develop an understanding of the discipline and structure of dance classes, rehearsal and performance etiquette. Students will experience these elements through a variety genres (modern dance, lyrical, hip hop and others).


    Digital Media Essentials(Semester Course)

    Digital Media Essentials is a one semester course in the Arts, Media & Entertainment Industry sector. Students will learn basic foundations of graphic design and computer graphic fundamentals. Specialized curriculum in contemporary media involving digital design, moving graphics and printing will be introduced. This course prepares students for the technology they will use with digital image, printing and focus on careers in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment sector.


    Exploring Spanish (Native Speakers)

    This class is designed for students who are heritage learners. In this class we will review grammar rules, read about history and learn the various cultures of the Spanish Speaking world.


    Exploring Family & Consumer Science (Life Skills) (Semester Course)

    Exploratory Family & Consumer Sciences course is designed to equip students with essential skills for living. This course focuses on teaching students skills for managing personal, family, and work responsibilities. Also, provides a solid foundation for further study in the Consumer and Family Sciences content areas such as consumer education, individual and family health, fashion and interior design, and food and nutrition. This course provides project-based learning, which integrates academic and career-technical concepts which contributes significantly to students’ academic achievement. 


    FLAG (click here)  

    The GUSD Foreign Language Academies of Glendale (FLAG) program offers Dual Language Immersion Programs in seven languages.  Two of the languages’ pathways include Roosevelt Middle School:  German and Spanish,  (starting in the 2020-21 school year). 

    At Roosevelt, dual language immersion classes are taught by fully-biliterate, credentialed teachers.  The program follows the GUSD Board of Education’s vision.


    Gen Yes (Application and Teacher Recommendation Only) 

    This course provides the online resources and environment necessary to prepare a team of Student Technology Leaders (STLs) with the skills necessary to support the technology integration efforts of teachers, IT staff, and other adults working at the school. Lesson, activities, and assignments involve assistance in one of three ways:

    1. Helping teachers learn technology skills
    2. Creating resources that teachers use in their lessons
    3. Assisting IT staff's efforts to maintain a school's tech infrastructures 


    Homework Lab (Teens 4 Success)

    This is a course designed to provide students the opportunity to get ahead in their schoolwork and studies.  Students can work alone, collaboratively in groups, or with the help of a teacher in a quiet setting where textbooks and laptops are provided.


    Introduction to Cosmetology(Year Course)

    Fundamental theory, techniques, and procedures on basic hair, skin, and nail care. Lectures, demonstrations and practical procedures in basic hair, skin, and nail care with emphasis on safely and client protection.


    Introduction to Media & Digital Arts (Year Course)

    Intro to Media and Digital Arts is an introductory course to the Arts, Media  and Entertainment industry sector.  Students will learn foundations of graphic design and computer graphic fundamentals. Specialized curriculum in contemporary media involving digital design and moving graphics will be introduced. Students will become familiar with ADOBE software.


    Pathway to College

    This course teaches students the skills necessary to help them in the competitive environment of acceptance in a 4 year university, and offers them support in all their academic classes. College tours, career exploration, and guidance are also part of this exciting, fun class.


    Robotics (Introduction to STEM)

    Students will learn how humans use robotic technology in our daily lives. Students will also learn how to design, build, and write computer code to control LEGO Mind storms robots to solve a variety of engineering challenges. 


    Student Body Government (ASB) (Application and Teacher Recommendation Only)

    ASB students are the leaders of the school. In this class, we have the ASB officers of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, along with 7th grade President and Vice President. The rest of the class consists of students who help the officers with deciding where money is spent, creating student spirit activities, running the Talent Show, playing music at lunch, assisting with communication between students and school administration, and having a good time in the process!


    Yearbook(Year Course)

    Students in this yearlong elective class will have the opportunity to work in the production of the Roosevelt yearbook. Through the use of photography, design, and layout, students will complete a certain number of assigned yearbook pages.  Students must have good attendance, a positive attitude, be able to work effectively and efficiently with others, be self-starters, and be committed to putting out a quality product.  As a member of the yearbook staff you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you were part of the team that preserved a piece of Roosevelt history.