How Do I Enroll?

  • Who can attend Verdugo Academy?


    Students may enroll in the Verdugo Academy independent study program at any time during the school year. Participation is voluntary and is open to any family that resides in Los Angeles County or any adjacent county. Families living outside of the Glendale District boundaries will need to obtain a transfer permit from their district of residence. Prior to enrollment, students must complete a reading assessment to help determine eligibility for the program. 


    For the 2021-2022 school year, please contact Student Services to enroll by August 11, 2021.

    For more information please visit:


    Transfer from Glendale Schools


    Students attending Glendale middle or high schools who are interested in enrolling at Verdugo Academy must consult their school counselor to begin the transfer process.


    Families with students attending elementary schools in Glendale may contact Verdugo Academy staff at (818) 548-0740, or Verdugo Academy Principal, Dr. Lonny Root, or Assistant Principal, Dr. Christin Molano, at (818) 247-4805.


    Transferring mid-semester (Grades 9-12)


    Students should be advised that transferring to Verdugo Academy mid-semester could sometimes require restarting courses already underway at the regular school. Although every effort is made to give credit for work already completed, Verdugo Academy may not offer an equivalent course in independent study, or work completed to date may not be sufficient to warrant transfer credit (although credit can often be given with quarter grades of ‘C’ or higher). For these reasons, students who are passing all of their courses at the regular school sometimes benefit from completing the semester before transferring to Verdugo Academy. 


    For More Information


    We invite parents and students in the community to consider the Verdugo Academy program as a dynamic individualized option for achieving students’ educational goals. Interested families may contact Verdugo Academy staff at 818-548-0740, or Verdugo Academy Principal, Dr. Lonny Root, or Assistant Principal, Dr. Christin Molano, at (818) 247-4805.