Field Day

  • The entire school (and each class) is divided into two teams (White and Green) that compete against each other in a variety of games during this May event.
    The day starts with Opening Ceremonies (just like the Olympics!) then classes rotate to various stations around the field. Stations are created for both fun and education and are meant to be inclusive of all types of athletic abilities. Stations might include beach ball volleyball, pass the hula hoop, goal kicking and a Healthy Eating Workshop. Teams score points during games and are also awarded additional points for sportsmanship.
    The emphasis of Field Day is to have fun, encourage good sportsmanship, promote healthy lifestyles, and teach how to handle both victory and defeat with grace, style and dignity.
    Volunteers are assigned to a particular station for a two-hour shift to keep score, run the games and award sportsmanship points.