Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in English Education from Pepperdine University CA Single Subject Credential in English through the PepStep program at Pepperdine University

Mrs. Cho

Hello! Welcome to my 7th grade English class! I am so excited to have you in my class!

This is my fourth year at Rosemont Middle School and I have never been happier. This is an amazing school with some incredible teachers. 

It wasn't until my Junior year at Pepperdine University that I decided to be a teacher. At that time, I was getting my BA in English Literature and I wasn't sure how I would use that degree in the future but I knew I absolutely LOVED English. I was also helping out in my mother's preschool classroom and I knew I loved being around kids. Teaching English was the career that put my two loves together, so I changed my major to English Education and graduated with my BA and then a year later finished my Single Subject Teaching Credential through the PepStep Program. 

As a teacher, I hope to teach in a way that my students feel loved, receive meaning in their lives and experience tangible hope, so my students can live to their full potential. Academics is, of course, one of my top priorities as a teacher. However, the pulse that should run through the veins of school is not only academics but also relationships. This starts with the teacher and ends with the student. I want to teach in creative ways that keep my students interested in class, to make English relevant to my students, and to see myself as teaching another human being who craves love, needs meaning, and dreams of hope: someone who matters. Education, I believe, cannot save the world alone but Education, mixed with love and compassion, can change the world for one child who may someday be the change the world needs.