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Mrs. Oh

Welcome to 7th grade Science.

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The 7th Grade Curriculum is a yearlong curriculum consisting of four science content units aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, plus a preparatory groupwork unit. This curriculum specifically follows the California Integrated Framework, meaning that multiple disciplines are integrated within a single unit. As such, each unit integrates three science content areas (life, physical, and earth), as well as engineering. Because integrated units incorporate a vast range of topics, each unit contains many different phenomena for students to investigate, explain, or problem-solve. However, each unit also has one anchoring phenomenon and one context for a culminating project that tie these various phenomena together. This is “project-based learning” in which students work together in teams to tackle complex, rea-world issues through rigorous, long- term projects. The focus shifts towards figuring out why or how things happen in the world which promotes student-generated questioning and supports students’ agency for wanting to build their own scientific knowledge.

Class Rules and Expectations

  1. Respect yourself, the teacher, and your peers.
  2. Put forth your best effort each day, at all times.
  3. Come to class prepared: on time and ready to work. On time means that you are in your seat when the tardy bell rings, if you are late to class 4+ times, you will receive an automatic “U” for citizenship that quarter.
  4. Be fully “engaged”: follow directions when they are given, pay attention and ask questions when needed, participate (this means other work/distractions are put away).
  5. Take ownership of your learning and actions.


  • Homework will be assigned Monday and Wednesday nights. Homework will be completed before you enter the classroom. Turn them in during the beginning of class in the homework bin (within the first 10 minutes). Homework assignments can be checked on Rosemont Science
  • If you are absent, check the agenda or the website and ask Mrs. Oh for the sheets you missed. You have the same amount of days you were absent to make-up the work for full credit.
  • Late homework will be accepted, but will receive a 10% deduction per day it is late with a maximum of 50% taken off. Additionally, work missing the proper heading (Name, Period, and Date) will receive a 10% deduction.


  • Grades are a cumulative point total based on test scores, homework, lab reports, projects, and classwork and will be calculated on the following scale:
  • 100% - 90% = A
    89%-80% = B                                   
    79% - 70% = C
    69% - 60% = D
    below 59% = F
  • Citizenship grades are determined by your attitude and effort according to the rubric in this packet.

Suggested Supplies

  • • A Science specific composition book (We will be conducting notebook checks.)
    • A writing implement (pencil or blue/black ink pen) and a colored pen for corrections.
    • A reminder binder/planner

Extra Credit

  • Opportunities for extra credit will be available throughout the school year and can be accessed at Rosemont Science