Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Mary Inglish

Welcome to Ms. Inglish's 8th Grade Physical Science Class!! 
Link for Daily Agenda PowerPoint--this includes the Warm-Ups--students are responsible for making up all work, including the Warm-Ups when absent:
Textbook Resources: Prentice Hall (
Room 1203, Period 1 Conference Period
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This is Ms. Inglish's 18th year teaching Science at the middle school level. Ms. Inglish grew up going to Glendale Unified schools (Monte Vista, Rosemont, Crescenta Valley). After graduating high school she attended the University of California, Irvine (Go Anteaters!! Zot! Zot!)  for her Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences and a Minor in Psychology.  Ms. Inglish then continued on to earn her multiple and single subject teaching credentials from California State University, Los Angeles and her Masters Degree in Education, Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix.
Throughout her years of teaching, Ms. Inglish enjoys not only teaching students Science but also encouraging and working with them with activities outside of the classroom such as The National Science Bowl, ABCD (anti-tobacco program), Verizon App Challenge, NSTA/Toshiba Exploravision and various other STEM and/or NASA Competitions.


  • Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Experimentation/Investigation, Engineering Design Process & Cross Cutting Concepts


  • Parents can check their student’s academic progress on the Zangle website ( and email me at of concerns or updates as needed.
  • Grades are based on the following percentages of the cumulative total of points from all assignments:

A = 100-90%,     B = 89-80%,       C = 79-70%,       D = 69-60%,       F = 59% and below

Citizenship grades are determined by student’s behavior, punctuality, preparedness for class, participation & attitude

Classroom expectations and Responsibilities:

  • Listen carefully to and follow directions the first time they are given (do not talk while the teacher is talking).
  • Raise you hand to talk or for permission to get out of your seat.
  • If you are working with a partner or group, use your “quiet voice” and be polite – respect everyone’s space and opinion
  • No eating or gum chewing is allowed in class. Before dismissal by me (not the bell) pick up all trash and throw it away.
  • Any paper without a first and last name will lose 5 points.
  • Come prepared to class, on time and ready to work.

Classwork & Homework:

  • Students are given time on Monday to copy their classwork and homework into their reminder binders or some other type of assignment notebook—please check this.
  • I do not give an excessive amount of homework, plus I give plenty of time for work to be done, however, if an assignment is not completed in class, it will become homework.
  • Students should have a place to keep their warm-ups and all graded papers
  • Please check grades on-line regularly ( and encourage students to talk to me as needed. 

Suggested supplies/Voluntary Donations:

  1. A folder or small binder for Science where you keep ALL graded and non-graded work for the entire semester.
  2. Lined notebook paper (not spiral paper), # 2 pencil, blue or black pen, highlighter, colored pencils, marking pen
  3. Spiral notebook or composition book for daily journal.
  4. Binder reminder for writing down homework assignments.

Listed above are supplies that we suggest students bring to class this year. This suggested list has been compiled based on needs identified to support the delivery of the 8th Grade Science curriculum. These supplies are not required, and full participation in the course does not require the purchase any of these materials. State law requires us to provide a public education free of charge. Subject to certain exceptions, the right to a free public education means we cannot require students or their families to purchase materials, supplies, equipment or uniforms for any school activity, to pay security deposits for access, participation, materials, or equipment, or to make donations to a class, activity or program. Rosemont Middle School will provide all of the necessary supplies for your child to have a quality educational experience.Therefore, while this list suggests that students bring a number of items, they are voluntary. No student will be restricted from participation if they do not bring any of these supplies to school. Due to limited funding for materials/supplies, any voluntary donations of the above suggested supplies, kleenex, hand sanitizer. Any voluntary monetary donations to buy materials/supplies can be made payable to “Rosemont Middle School” or gift cards via DonorsChoose at are also helpful.

Absent/make-up work:

  • If you are absent, you need to check with Ms. Inglish to see if you need any papers and/or make up any quiz or test.
  • You need to make up the missed work within the amount of time that you were absent (for ex. If the student is absent for 2 days, then he/she has 2 days to make up the work upon their return to school)
  • Any other late work will receive a 10% deduction of credit for each day the assignment is late with 50% being the maximum taken off. However, once we complete a chapter, no more late work may be turned in for that chapter.


  • I always give advanced notice for all quizzes/tests and projects (check the reminder binder or google calendar)
  • We always have some type of review assignment to review for the quiz/test and we usually have a quiz every other week