• Due to Balboa's superb PTA, who have put hours and hours of love, hard work, and dedication, our first International event "Hot September Night" was a success. At Balboa, we find diversity beautiful, and we greatly value the importance of cultural identity. We want our students to be well rounded, to be culturally aware, to love and respect one another regardless of where they come from, and we strive to create a united and harmonious environment for all. I, as a principal, want my students to have rich inner worlds, to have kindness in their hearts, and to make a positive difference. This event perfectly exemplified what Balboa is all aboutI am very grateful to have an amazing PTA who make events like this possible.


    On Saturday, October 14, 2017, Sevada  Avanessian, a member of Homenetmen Glendale "Ararat" Chapter, Scouting Division, Troop 154 completed his Eagle Scout service project at Balboa Elementary School. He is also a participating member of Boy Scouts of America, Verdugo Hills Council. Sevada recently graduated from Crescenta Valley High School in 2017 while working towards his Eagle Scout Rank for many years. Miss Christine Dashdemirians is the Chairwoman of Homenetmen Ararat Scouting Division and also a first grade teacher at Balboa Elementary School. She spearheaded the project with Sevada to make sure he achieved this last step of the ranks in order to earn this prestigious rank within the community. Sevada and Troop 154 beautified the school's garden near the bungalows. The plants that were already in the garden attracted bees; therefore, Sevada and his team cleared out the previous plants and put student-friendly plants in order to keep the Balboa beautiful.


    Balboa Blazers are engaging students while having fun with STEAMinars! These student-led lessons are integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. With a significant focus on incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards through Project Based Learning strategies, our students are getting ready to be future professionals of today's society! Mrs.Yapundjian and Miss.Dashdemirians have been engaging their fifth and first graders through collaborative activities with focus, detail, discovery, application, and presentation. The students perform these activities in groups of four to five while engaging both grade levels. As a team, they try to create methods in putting together their project as they realize the importance of trial and error. During the struggle period, both the first and fifth graders are learning techniques on how to make their models or projects successful and persevere through the process. So far, all of the STEAM lessons have been DIY projects put together by the teachers and created by the students. 


    The first project was the “Marshmallow Towers.” The groups had to think of ways to construct the tallest marshmallow tower while each group received a bag of 50 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks. The second project was constructing a boat with their group as they were given foil, straws, and tape. The group was able to test their boat in a bucket of water as it was weighed down with a bag of pennies to see if the design would float or sink. As a result, the students come to class every Tuesday so eager for our STEAMinars with their buddies. As we continue to host weekly projects, our students are learning collaborative skills through NGSS & STEAM that will help them be great leaders in our community!


    We are a loving and caring community here at Balboa and we do everything we can to ensure that our students act safely, responsibly, and respectfully. Thank you parents for all your support in every aspect and especially setting a good example for our kids when it comes to following school guidelines and rules during drop off and pick up times. Please continue respecting traffic safety rules and please do not park your cars at drop off or pick up zones.