Welcome to Mrs. Browne's Website

  • Welcome to the Toll Family and Consumer Sciences classes!!!   I am Mrs. Browne and it is my 4th year teaching Family and Consumer Sciences classes at Toll. 


    Toll students have the following opportunities to take Culinary:

    • 6th grade:
      • some 6th graders participate in a semester long class called Exploratory FCS, which includes cooking and sewing/crafts.
    • 7th grade:
      • 7th graders have the opportunity to choose semester electives, so if interested in cooking, they sign up for Intro to culinary.
    • 8th grade:
      • Culinary 1-2 for a year long elective.  This is for students who would like to go into culinary for a career or who want to continue on in the culinary pathway in high school.
      • Life Management- year long elective.  This is for students who would like to learn the skills they will need as an adult.  This includes, culinary, child development, interior design, sewing, decision making, financial literacy and much more.


    The goal of all the Culinary classes is for students to learn the basics of cooking and how to make food for themselves and their families.  Students signed up for Culinary 1-2 will learn more in-depth skills and will have the basics if they want to continue with the Culinary pathway at Hoover and Glendale High Schools.