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  • "Education is not prepartation for life,


    education is life itself"


    ~ John Dewey

  • Monthly Letter to Parents:



    Dear Parents,

          I'm really looking forward to doing some fun activities that are winter themed and Christmas related with the students this month.  We have so many fun learning activities to help with the seasonal changes and fun traditions that take place during this time.  I look forward to working with the students and developing the skills of family and friends and a culture of giving and sharing.     

          I am so impressed by the student’s abilities each day.  I see them growing and I see them maturing each day.  I know that by the end of the year I am going to have much to be thankful for and much to be proud of.  Each new day brings about new challenges that the students are allowing me to support them with.

          The students are responding so well to the reading, writing and mathematics curriculum that I am using to work with them.  They are developing the foundational skills needed to become little readers, writers and mathematicians.  I could not be prouder and happier with the group of kiddos that I get the privilege to work with every day.  They are truly working hard for me and doing a great job.  They have responded to the curriculum I have created for my staff to use to work with the students as we run small groups during the day.       

           This month there will be multiple schoolwide activities that the students will participate in.  We will have a visit from Santa who will read a story to the students.  We will have the Jingle Jam school assemblies and night performance.  Your children will be singing Jingle Bells with Ms. Seaton’s classroom on stage for the morning assembly.  They are welcome to attend the night performance in which they will get to go up on stage and sing the song for you all.  I will record the performance and post in on my Facebook and Instagram so that for those of you who cannot attend the night show get to see the students perform in the morning.  We will also have our Christmas party with all of you.  I welcome all family members to attend the fun celebration.   

    Our classroom Elf on the Shelf Buddy is watching and reporting back to Santa how the students are doing.  You will get weekly report cards from Buddy the Elf that Santa sent over.  He will be giving little tickets for those who do good deeds and gifting the classroom with rewards when they work as a team.  Looking forward to seeing where he hides this year and what he brings to the students.


     It is going to be a monkey-tastic tigerrrific month! 



    Ms. Hartonian

    Education Specialist M/M Disabilities

    John Marshall Elementary


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