• School-provided Meals and Meals from Home


    In California, school meals in K-12 public schools in California are now free.  Franklin will be providing two FREE meals a day: early breakfast OR snack (only 1 free breakfast a day) AND lunch. 


    Additional/2nd meals and a la carte items like bottles of water, baked chips, etc will need to be purchased with cash or money from a student's account.   If your child forgets their lunch, they will be able to get a free lunch. (See information/links on the right -->).


    Students in before- and after-school care are also provided meals free of charge. 


    Students may choose to bring their own snack and lunch from home.


    Due to Franklin's focus on sustainability, we ask that families do their best to pack a zero-waste lunch. 

    Franklin is the first school in GUSD to restore the use of an industrial dishwasher to reduce single-use plastics. If you would like to assist during snack and lunch during the week to help our students learn how to sort waste, please volunteer for our Green Lunchroom.


    Meals and Play Schedules 2021-22

    • Kindergarten Snack 9:30-9:45, Lunch and Recess 11:00-11:40 
    • 1st Grade Snack 9:45-10:00, Lunch and Recess 11:00-11:40  
    • 2nd and 3rd grades Snack 10:30-10:45 Lunch and Recess 11:40-12:20
    • 4th-6th grades Snack 10:10-10:25, Lunch and Recess 12:20 -1:00


    All GUSD students have a 40 minute lunch and recess block.

    In elementary school this breaks down to 20 minutes to eat and 20 minutes to play. In grades 2-6, half of the students will play while half eat and switch after 20 minutes. The schedule will rotate throughout the year.  


    Students sit by class/grade level and are expected to eat during the 20-minute lunch period for the benefit of their growth and development. 


    Students must remain seated during the lunch period and raise their hand to go to, restroom, etc. Students are dismissed one table at a time for recess, students may also be involved in non-physical activities during recess such as playing board games, reading independently, helping in primary grade classes/office during recess (with permission). 


    Hula hoops, balls, jump ropes, and various other equipment is available for free play during break and recess; students may not bring toys/equipment from home.


Elementary Menu

  • Menus can also be found on the Glendale Unified App and by email though Peachjar

    Menu Substitutions

    Due to nationwide food shortages, we may experience last minute ingredient and menu item replacements from our vendors and distributors. We will do our best to offer the menued items, but menus may be subject to change. 



    We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Elementary Menu May/June 2023

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