Welcome to Fourth Grade - Room 2207

  • Week of 4/6 - 4/10 Email:

    Dear Parents, Families, and Students,

    Last week was a learning experience for all of us. Thank you for all your help. 
    1. Google Classroom/Agenda Tips and Observations
    - Read Everything Carefully: If there are two standards we will all master this trimester, they are following directions and technology:)
    - Scroll Down: Don't only do what's on top.
    - Comments: Please make sure they are in the correct classroom and correct assignment.
    - Videos: You don't have to turn in anything when watching.
    - Book Pages: Provided in case you didn't have the books. Nothing to turn in anything.
    2. Assignment Due Dates
    - Check In: Please answer the daily Morning Question.
    - Sunday Deadline: Please try to do your best to turn in everything by Sunday of that week. I realize that different families have different set ups and circumstances.
    - Weekly Checklist: I will post a list, every Friday evening under agendas, of who is missing what. Not to stress you out, but to help you:)
    3. i-Ready:
    - Due Mondays: 30 minutes of Math and Ready like always.
    4. Eagle Power: 
    - Due April 12th: Eight entries for two weeks. Don't have to turn it in until then.
    5. enVision
    Student Book Access: We now have access to both volumes WITHOUT ME posting pages in Google Classroom. You can now look at any page anytime. Thank you Armen for trying it out for me.
    - Go to Clever, then Pearson
    6. Studies Weekly: 
    New Social Studies Site: We will start using it this week. It's a red logo on Clever. It is much more interactive with better assessments. There is a lot, but I will help you navigate this week.
    7. Zoom:
    Technical, Legal, Social, Equity Issues: A few have been wanting and asking to Zoom. Because of the issues mentioned, Zoom will not replace instruction but may be used as an additional and/or optional tool. First, not everyone has agreed to it. Second, many district computer cameras are freezing with Zoom. We have all put in work orders and are waiting to hear from the district. Now with that said, I do have my own MAC at home and may try to set up small check in sessions and optional meetings/discussions. I will also be posting some pre recorded videos. I too would love to hear your voices and see your faces, but we have to be patient. 
    Remember we have about ten more weeks. I don't want to overwhelm everyone and try to add one new thing a week. We will all figure this out.
    Thank you as always,
    Ms. Gureghian