Welcome to Fifth Grade - Room 2207

  • September 14th Email - Wanted to check in with a few announcements.


    1. District chromebooks, hotspots, and headsets:

    With all the internet, computer, program, audio, and video issues, the district is recommending to go to the district and check out a chromebook. You can also get a hotspot, but the catch is that you need a district chromebook for the hotspot. Trust us we understand, but we also need to be proactive. If you need a headset, please call Edison. If you are still having issues you can call 818-478-2664.


    2. Advance Lab Computer Rotations:

    Planet Bravo and Mr. Sornosa will start rotation next week. Our class time is Tuesday mornings from 8:20-9:00. They will skip homeroom on Tuesdays and go right to Advance Lab. At 9:05 they will go to Social Studies, just like their original schedule.


    3. Missing Assignment:

    Unlike last year, please remember that students will be getting an academic and participation grade this year. Again, as it is the first month of school, this document is to help them navigate and remember...not get them in trouble:) Many are claiming that they watched a video, but unfortunately they are not turning it in. Some assignments are very short, but I want them to get used to the Savvas Realize platform and the idea of following the agenda. A list of missing assignments were emailed to you.


    Thank you,

    Ms. Gureghian