Welcome to Fourth Grade - Room 2207

  • Hi! My name is Sarine Gureghian and I am very excited to get the opportunity to teach 4th grade again this year This will be my 25th year at Edison. I have also taught in Prague and Armenia. The creative process of learning, teaching, and growing is what motivates me. As we try to get back to “normal” we will accept the challenges and experience the adventure TOGETHER...and have fun long the way!


    ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM...we are no longer using the Website.

    Welcome to trimester two:)

    1. Test Signatures: I will no longer be asking for signatures. Hopefully we have all gotten used to checking Thursday Folders. Please continue to check all assessments, but you no need to return them. Also, don't forget to check their Google Classrooms, as these grades are not reflected anywhere else.
    2. Need to Improve: Some students will be getting an N in their report cards. Just like I told the students, it's not the end of the world...they just "need to really improve" and it wouldn't be right if I don't remind them. Most can improve by doing assignments on time, Eagle Power, weekly i-Ready lessons, and improving organizational skills. Please see additional comments on Report Cards.
    3. "Study and Review"Perhaps a new and hard concept. I stressed this at Back to School Night. As they get ready for upper elementary, they need to make sure they understand daily lessons, and not just worry about turning in a piece of paper for homework. If they need to reread, study, and review...simply put...they need to reread, study, and review.
    Student: "Ms, Gureghian you didn't tell us the word colony will be on the test."
    Me: "We used the word in class many times, and it's a vocabulary word on page one of the lesson. Did you reread, study and review.?"
    Student: "We never went over this math problem."
    Me: "It is the exact one from your Practice Buddy. Did you review your mistakes on the computer?"
    4. XraMath: Please have them work on this site regularly. It is on Clever and reviews basic math facts.
    5. CAASPP: This is a federal requirement that starts in 3rd grade. They didn't have to take it in 2nd and it was cancelled last year because of COVID. So this will be the first time for them. The test is in April, but we will start taking practice ones in trimester two (January).
    Thank you and let me know if you have any questions,
    Ms. Gureghian

    If anyone needs help navigating Google Classroom or TCi we can schedule a Zoom meeting and I can help you.

    Looking forward to a good week!
    Meeting ID: 402 564 0445