Welcome to Fourth Grade - Room 2207

  • Week of 6/1- 6/5 Email:

    Hello Families, 

    We have reached our last full week of school. There is quite a bit of information, as we are trying to wrap up.
    Music: I hope you got my email and Mrs. Labrecque's phone calls over the weekend. I can forward you the details and times again, but here is the most relevant information.
    - Drop off is Monday 6/1
    - If for some reason you can't attend, please email Mrs. Labrecque (clabrecque@gusd.net)
    - If you would like to keep instruments over the summer for $40, please email Ms. Jurado (djurado@gusd.net). You would still need to come on Monday to pay and fill out a form.
    Assignments: All assignments were due Friday, May 29 as report card comments had to be submitted.
    Monday 6/1 - Tuesday 6/2: A weekly agenda will be posted instead of a daily one.
    - Whole class Zoom meetings for both days are moved to 10:00am.
    - On Monday I will go over two projects they can work on this week: A Time Capsule and Virtual Yearbook Comments
    - On Tuesday I will go over the Field Week details.
    Wednesday 6/3 - Tuesday 6/9: Students can relax, have fun, and end the year by participating in the five day Edison Field Week.
    - Students will have a chance to watch videos/or attend live Zoom sessions to compete at fun events.
    - Scores sheets will be submitted daily (Google Classroom Homeroom).
    - I will send a more detailed email Tuesday as we are still working on some logistics.
    - Mr. Sondergaard did send an equipment sheet I am attaching, to give you a heads up on supplies that might be needed.
    Wednesday 6/10: Last day of school
    - 10:30 Zoom Meeting
    Thursday 6/11 - Friday 6/12: These will most probably be the drop off and pick up days. Mrs. Labrecque has not officially confirmed yet.
    - I will bag everything they left in the classroom
    - Bag will include yearbook if ordered
    - Library books left in the classroom will be returned by me
    Drop Off:
    - Social Studies book and atlas
    - Edison Library books
    - Any of my library books they took with them
    - They can keep the science books, as there will be a new program next year.
    Report Cards: Will be mailed
    Chromebooks and Hotspot: Can be kept over the summer
    Thank you and I am sure I will be sending out a few more before the end:)
    Ms, Gureghian