Welcome to Fourth Grade - Room 2207

  • Hi! My name is Sarine Gureghian and I am very excited to get the opportunity to teach 4th grade again this year This will be my 25th year at Edison. I have also taught in Prague and Armenia. The creative process of learning, teaching, and growing is what motivates me. As we try to get back to “normal” we will accept the challenges and experience the adventure TOGETHER...and have fun long the way!


    Week 4 Updates:

    1. Behavior: There was an incident last week during PE and recess with kids bringing and selling Pokemon cards. These cards and any similar activity is not allowed. This was explained to the entire class. The office has asked us to confiscate any such items in the future. I wanted to give you a heads up. 
    2. Google Classrooms: Please check weekly. You should review the comments, grades, and missing assignments. As we start doing more and more online, many grades will be returned in this manner.
    3. Thursday Folders: Please check, sign, and return by Mondays the latest.
    4. Eagle Power: It will start this week. They will get a sheet on Monday and are expected to read 2 hours a week. I usually encourage them to read 30 minutes a day Monday-Thursday. Whatever you and your child decide is the best routine for them, four Eagle Powers are due every Monday. Please do not sign these in advance and encourage them to do the reading:)
    5. i-Ready Lesson: Starting this week, they will need to do 30 minutes of Math and 30 minutes of Reading every week. Remember lessons are pushed out based on how they did on the diagnostic. This is to help them make progress at the most productive pace. The program is set on Eastern time and thus they should complete the 30 minutes by Sunday 9pm...not midnight:(
    6. TCi: This is the new Social Studies program that we will be accessing via Clever. Not all lessons can be posted in Google Classroom. I will help them navigate, but I just wanted to let you know if you start seeing "TCi" in assignments.
    7. Assessments: In the next few weeks they will be having a math test, social studies test, and writing assignment due. Please encourage them to study daily.
    8. Music: Will officially start this Tuesday.
    9. COVID testing: For all families who have opted in for the optional testing, our official time is Monday 9am. I will remind the kids, but please prepare them also.
    If anyone needs help navigating Google Classroom or TCi we can schedule a Zoom meeting and I can help you.
    Looking forward to a good week!
    Meeting ID: 402 564 0445