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    Hola. Hello. I'm Karen Montes, second grade Dual Immersion teacher at Thomas Edison Elementary in the (FLAG) Foreign Language Academies of the Glendale Unified School District.  Welcome to the 2017-2018. 

     My passion for teaching started when as a ten year old girl I attempted to give my grandparents English lessons. Their living room, sofa and coffee table were my classroom and two elderly and very loving Salvadorans were my apt pupils. In the years that followed my passion for teaching has only grown. To pursue my passions for teaching and assisting the underrepresented communities I’ve obtained the appropriate teaching credentials that allowed me to teach in a Traditional Bilingual Education classrooms as well as Dual Immersion classrooms.  


            Since obtaining my BA in Spanish language and literature from UCLA, as well as my Masters in Multicultural Education from CSUN, I have been active in public education for over 15 years. I've spent nine of those years teaching in a self-contained classroom in both a Bilingual and Dual Language educational setting.  My service in education has involved working with English Language Learners and in Title I schools in the Los Angeles County.  Currently, I teach second grade immersion at Thomas Edison Advanced Technology and Spanish FLAG Magnet School in Glendale USD.


            In addition to teaching primary grades, I have experience with reading intervention strategies, Title VII Grant coordination and promoting parent engagement. In my first stint with CABE(California Association for Bilingual Education), as the Education Coordinator I organized teacher conferences to promote educational equity for all. In my second stint, as a Parent Facilitator I facilitated Project 2 Inspire workshops for parents in GUSD. During my summers, I worked with the CRLP California Reading and Literature Project at CSULA organizing reading institutes for teachers. I was a statewide presenter in the area of phonemic awareness.  I am passionate about teaching and the promotion of a strong home/school connection. 


           My family of origin is from El Salvador, Central America. I enjoy learning about other cultures and traditions. We are all one global family! I have been married for 15 years and my husband and I are the parents of two marvelous boys.  My family enjoys swimming, biking and gardening.  We enjoy driving our RV up and down our wonderful state in search of wonderful sunsets and beaches to make the ultimate sand fort.  In my free time, I enjoy salsa dancing lessons with my husband and going to my gym. 


          Welcome to our classroom website.  Thank you for visiting.  

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    "Children were born to be happy"

    Jose Marti