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    All GUSD students have an iReady account. This Curriculum Associates' online program provides individualized instruction in Reading and Mathematics based on each student's unique needs. i-Ready is a great resource to help students diminish learning gaps and advance their ability to meet the rigorous Common Core State Standards in Reading and Mathematics.  

    When students complete lessons in Reading and/or Mathematics, they are able to play games as a reward for work well done. Teachers can view their completed work within their reports.

    Past data shows that students who used i-Ready for more than 45 minutes per week grew 44% more in Reading and 65% more in Mathematics than the average student. At Fremont, i-Ready lessons are used vigorously to promote the success of all Fremont students.

    Note: Occasionally, a lesson may freeze. If that happens, reload the web page (highlight the web address and press return, or click on the reload symbol alongside the address bar), then click begin lesson then click skip to go to where the lesson left off.