• Monte Vista Emergency Preparedness

    Whenever a disaster occurs somewhere in the world, it is natural to think about how prepared we are in case of a disaster. Monte Vista has taken many steps to ensure that we are as well-prepared as can be if we were to have an emergency. Each employee is given a copy of the Disaster Plan which is revised annually at the beginning of the year. Each staff member belongs to a Disaster Committee and is trained based on the responsibilities of the committee. In addition, we have adequate supplies and water available in case we need to remain at school for an extended period of time. Monte Vista also has monthly drills for earthquake, fire, or lockdown so that everyone is familiar with emergency procedures.


    In the event of an emergency situation, all doors to the school will be locked. Once all procedures have been completed and all persons are accounted for, parents will be allowed to come on campus to pick up their child.


    Monte Vista has set up the following student pick-up system to ensure that all students are safely dismissed:

    1. The adult who is picking a student up will request the child at the Request Gate located at the walk-through gate, west of the staff lot driveway gates, on Orange Ave.
    2. Any adult picking up a student will need to show ID so that staff can confirm the adult is listed on the Student Release Form. Once confirmed, adult will be given a white form with the student’s name on it.
    3. Adult will then need to proceed through the parking lot towards the ramp leading down to the playground and check in with the Reunion Table.
    4. Staff at the Reunion Table will check white form then direct the adult towards the area where their child will be. Students will be lined up by grade level with the teachers’ names displayed at the front of each class.
    5. Adult will proceed to the student’s class area to find him/her. Staff members who are supervising will be available to help locate your child. Once found, the adult needs to show the white form to any supervising staff member. Staff member will remove student’s name tag and will dismiss student.
    6. Adult and student(s) will walk back towards the Release Gate, located at the driveway gate, sign the white form and submit it to a staff member at the gate in order to exit the campus. Only students whose white forms are with the adult will be allowed to leave campus.


    Please be sure that your child’s emergency form is up to date.  It is understandable that everyone wants to get to their child during an emergency, but remaining calm and cooperating are key to helping student dismissal run smoothly and as quickly as possible. We thank you for your support and cooperation.