• Elementary  Robotics  Tournament




    April 6, 2019


    10 a.m. to 2 p.m.




    Middle School



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    The Elementary Robotics Tournament is the culminating event for those schools with after school robotics programs. Originally a program only for GATE students (grades 4 to 6), some schools have opened the program to non-GATE students. This year, 12 elementary schools have registered for the tournament. 








    La Crescenta



    Monte Vista


    Verdugo Woodlands


    Dunsmore and Roosevelt will co-host the event.




    Franklin and Fremont have been added to the list of participating schools. We now have 14 schools.





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    Glendale Education Foundation





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    About Us

    The Elementary Robotics Tournament is produced by the teachers at your child's school and is hosted by Dunsmore and Roosevelt.  Hundreds of volunteer hours go into the production of the event because we feel strongly about preparing your child for the 21st Century and the technology rich world we live in. 


    Roosevelt Robotics Club covers expenses for medals, trophies, and hospitality items for volunteers. Robotics tables and the table stands were built and paid for by Roosevelt Robotics.  Your teachers and Roosevelt Robotics have volunteered to produce this event for over a decade without charging fees of any kind.


    Everything you and your  child experiences is the result of community volunteers, staff members, and teachers working together as a Professional Learning Community to provide your child with the experience of a lifetime. 


    Please thank your child's teacher, community volunteers, and staff members who make this event possible. 





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    The purpose of this flyer is to announce the date and time to the community. 


    It is not an invitation to participate.



    Please contact your school for information about robotics programs. 





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