• Academic Instruction

    Reading, writing and mathematics — those timeless basic skills — are the foundation of the school district’s instructional program.

    Teaching the "Three Rs" leads to a broad spectrum of learning experiences, including language, spelling, handwriting, science and social science, art, music, physical education, and other subject areas such as computer literacy, health and safety, and substance abuse awareness and prevention. They all contribute to a student’s total education. More than two-thirds of classroom time in the elementary schools is devoted to literacy — reading and language arts — plus spelling, handwriting and mathematics.
    In the middle and senior highs, students continue to receive a strong foundation in the basic skills. Meanwhile, they also branch out into specialty and interdisciplinary courses and programs to prepare for their transition to higher education and/or a career.
    Courses of study presented in the Glendale Schools are based on state-approved frameworks and needs identified by the district and community. 
    Classroom learning is based on clearly defined performance indicators and state standards, which are among the most rigorous in the nation. These are updated on a continuing basis by committees of teachers and administrators.
    Final approval of all courses, programs and materials used in the classroom rests with the Board of Education. Using community input, parents and other community members are often called upon to advise the district in developing and/or revising curriculum and support programs.
    For example, committees have studied and made recommendations to the school board in such areas as class size reduction, accountability and standards, safe schools, middle school restructuring, religious expression, site based decision-making, instruction for gifted and talented students, grade level reorganization, career academies, substance abuse education and prevention, AIDS awareness and family life education, programs for at-risk students, and major revision of elementary report cards.