• Mrs. Saki Tanabe
    First and Second Grade JDL (Japanese)
    Room: 1213
    Email: STanabe@gusd.net
    First Grade FLAG Japanese
    Majority of topics covered in class:
    Second Grade FLAG Japanese 
    Majority of topics covered in class:

    時間: じかん: jikan: time

    地形:ちけい:chikei: terrain

    大陸:たいりく:tairiku: continents

    今と昔:いま と むかし:ima to mukashi: now and before (past)

    動詞:どうし:doushi: verb

    天然資源:てんねんしげん:ten nen shigen: natural resources

    植物:しょくぶつ:shokubutsu: plant life

    日にち:ひにち:hinichi: dates

    形:かたち:katachi: shapes

    形容詞:けいようし:keiyoushi: adjectives