Class Description

  • World History / Tangerine Tiger Core / Mrs. DeLuna's Class


    Hello Students!  Everything is changing so quickly and I am trying to keep up with it, just like you.  First and most importantly, I hope that you and your family are doing well.

    What will happen to your history class?  Starting March 30th, your history class will be going online!  The good news is that we will be using Google Classroom which you already know how to use.   I will send out a message for your class codes before this date.  Please look out for that email from me and join your history class online. 


    March 25 - An email will go out with your online code.  

    Please join your history class using your Google Account.


    March 30th - Online Learning begins!


    We will figure this all out together!



    You Got This!


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    ~~~~~~END OF MESSAGE~~~~~~





    Supply List: 

    3 ring binder with one inch thickness (it's ok to use a shared notebook, but the history section should have one inch of storage space)

    pencil and eraser

    black or blue ballpoint pen

    2 highlighters (different light colors such as yellow, orange, pink)

    blank notebook paper for your 3 ring binder


    Syllabus: Class Syllabus


    Textbook and Reading Sources: Medieval and Early Modern Times textbook, online sources, primary texts, and other supplemental reading materials


    Contact Info: The best methods for contacting me are by email.  Please send me an email at and I will get back to you promptly.