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  •  NEW Information for March 30-May 4

    All students have been invited to join a Google Classroom for math. Please log in to your Google classroom and accept the invitation. 

    To create a Google Classroom account, go to Classroom.google.com

    Click Go to Classroom.

    Enter your username (gusd username that ends with @stu.gusd.net) in the email box and click Next.

    Enter your password (gusd1234567890!) gusd + State ID + !   and click Next.

    If there is a welcome message, read it and click Accept.

    Click I'm A Student.

    Click Get Started.


    Click on "Homework" on the left to see the list of assignments. 

    Then click on the homework assignment name to read more details.


    Now accepting donations of tissue boxes! Thank you!


    Khan Academy lessons have been assigned to each student. 


    Don't forget to use your school ID (stu.gusd) to log-in. Advancement using a personal account will not be visible on my dashboard for me to give you credit



    Textbook support:


    username:   knis3456@stu.gusd.net@ca-gusd   (your google username with the @)

    Password:    1234567890 (your 10-digit state ID number without the CA)




    Add/Subtract Integer Rules

    Multiply/Divide Integer Rules