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    8th Grade FLAG. Google Classroom link.

    History Warehouse. (Gusd student account needed to access)

    History Warehouse


    For extra exercises, interactive maps and mock quizzes, please visit 



    1- Hand towels/tissues.

    2- Disinfecting wipes.

    3- Wite out tape (not liquid).

    Student Materials.

    1. A single subject  “World History” or "US History" spiraled notebook with lined paper, with 200 pages (100 sheet)/ It should be titled and be used exclusively in this class.  Minimum size 11 x 9 inches. It is recommend to purchase a hard cover type of notebook.
    2. BLUE pen, RED pen and pencil
    3. Colored Pencils (3 colors minimum)
    4. Highlighters (3 colors minimum)
    5. Scissors, tape and glue.