• Attention all students and Parents

    Please sign up for your google classroom before March 30th. 

    Welcome to my homepage, Titans!


    Toll Middle School campus will remain closed through May 5th due to COVID-19 (dates may change in the future).


    All teaching and learning activities will be off-campus, resuming remotely from Monday, March 30th. In order to access the assignments, please sign up in the following links.

    • Google Classroom -> Assignments and assessments will be posted here daily.
    • SEESAW -> Accessible from Google Classroom. Required to access with code provided in class (and the link to the left side). 


    Link to Office hours:

    To all my students and parents, you can keep working independently on the activities I assigned before Spring break, especially your final Semester project: video history. Any assignments due during the extended Spring break will be postponed until after the break. 


    New activities will be posted both under your HOMEWORK PAGE (check the left menu per grade-level) and Google Classroom. Once all students/family logged in Google classroom, we might continue to post onlyt here. My jsolsona@gusd.net" is open as always for your questions. More info to come.


     I am sending you my best wishes. All will be good. Stay healthy.






    Hello Titans!

    Welcome to my webpage! Scroll down to learn more.

    Mr Solsona History Class

    If you wish to receive the homework assignments in your email, please subscribe to your child's period. Also, please find in the following webpage most of the exercises, links, and videos used in class. 


    History Warehouse. (Gusd student account needed to access)



    For extra exercises, interactive maps and mock quizzes, please visit 



    1- Hand towels/tissues.

    2- Disinfecting wipes.

    3- Wite-out tape (not liquid).

    4- Tape.

    Student Materials.

    1. A single subject  “World History” or "US History" spiraled notebook with lined paper, with 200 pages (100 sheets)/ It should be titled and be used exclusively in this class.  Minimum size 11 x 9 inches. It is recommended to purchase a hardcover type of notebook.
    2. BLUE pen, RED pen, and pencil
    3. Colored Pencils (3 colors minimum)
    4. Highlighters (3 colors minimum)
    5. Scissors, tape, and glue.