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    Dear Pink Panther Core Students,


    I would like to encourage you to check my website regularly to see if I have posted any new updates or information.  If you or your parents sign up for E-Alerts on the Toll M.S. website, you can get an email notification every time I make any changes or post something new on my web pages or the Pink Panther Core page.  


    At this point, you should have already joined the new Pink Panther Core Google Classroom for all of our core students.  That is the only way you can join your core teachers' Office Hours on Mondays from 2:30–3:15 pm. 


    If you have not joined, please use the link or join code below to sign in to or join the Pink Panther Core Google Classroom.


    Pink Panther Core GC Join Code: 4juawga

    Link to join the Google Classroom:


    Just as a reminder...

    Make sure you attend all your regularly scheduled classes at their scheduled times.  In other words, be on time to all your classes.


    For your convenience, and for you to mark your calendars, here is a schedule I made for you of all the upcoming Wacky Wednesday class rotations.

    Wacky Wednesday Schedule Sept/Oct


    Be sure to check back weekly to the Pink Panther Core page and my web page for announcements, updates, and informational or tech resources.


    Please remember that you can always contact me through email: 


    Thanks for visiting my page!


    Have a great day!


    Mrs. Pak