Welcome to Toll's Counseling Office!

  •  Toll Middle School Counseling Team

    Hello Toll Titans! Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. We hope you enjoyed your summer break and are ready to begin the new school year with us. We are looking forward to returning to school. If there are changes along the way, know that we are in this together at Toll. We are here for you if you have any questions and look forward to meeting you.


    The Toll Middle School Counseling department is dedicated to offering student support services to all of our families at Toll. School Counselors advise and work with students to develop immediate and long term 6-year career and college educational plans, which meet the individual need and interest of each student. Students are assigned a school counselor based on their last name. All students with last names A, C-K will have Mrs. Castagnari as their counselor. All students with last names B, L-Z will have Ms. Haghpanah. Mrs. Berberian is the intervention counselor who will be supporting the needs of students with academic and social-emotional challenges. She will work collaboratively with both counselors and teachers to best assist students achieving their educational and social-emotional needs and goals. 


    At Toll, the focus of our counseling program is to support students and families through these turbulent years, guide students to become responsible and confident individuals, and assist them with decisions about higher education and future career paths.


     Toll Counseling Team

    Left to Right: Ms. Haghpanah, Mrs. Castagnari, Ms. Adamian, Mrs. Berberian