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    The Toll Foundation is now in its seventh year as a supportive resource for Toll Middle School through vibrant educational enrichment, library funding for much needed inventory, creative technology, classroom enhancements and school beautification that instills pride and respect in their school and community. 


    At Toll Middle School we know working together is better, yet, this year, being together safely is our greatest challenge. We hope to use this time to reflect on what it is to be a Toll Titan and how we can be worthy of that distinction. We cannot solve problems if we stand silent in the continuing wave of inequity, inequality and injustice.  This fall, we are asking our students to stand tall and help us address these issues with love, hope and peace in our hearts.  


    As a Foundation, we are looking for ways to help Toll continue to thrive and our goal is to bring our students together despite the physical distance, and work towards common causes.  We want to focus on how to connect as a community and support each other.  We hope with your help we will be able to provide art classes, clubs, and other creative ways for students to socialize and be engaged with each other during the school year.  We know there are many challenges ahead of us this year and hope your tax deductible donations will help us achieve this goal.


    Families and community members are encouraged to contribute at the level that best suits their budget.  Our goal this year is to raise $50,000 to support our students and teachers during this unprecedented time.  By giving to the Annual Fund, parents, guardians, alumni and community members are paying it forward at a time when we know our schools and kids face many setbacks. Our goal is to provide a “TOLL WORTHY” experience for them with your support.
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