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Mrs. Call, Sylvia

Welcome to Señora Call's homepage!
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Welcome to my site! 
As we continue with remote learning, it is essential for us to stay connected via this website and Google Classroom (GC) other than our live Zoom meetings.
Please regularly check for upcoming assessments and dialogs here.  You'll also find all our vocabulary words for this year and last year on the QUIZLET that I created by simply clicking on the link below.  Daily practice will improve your verbal skills, reading and writing.
It is important that you and your parents check this website consistently in addition to GC for announcements and academic progress.
*HOMEWORK NOTE:  With the new block schedule this year, this is how I will communicate due dates on this website:  Your due date will either be next class (meaning the next time I see you) or a specific date, which will mean that all my classes will have to submit the assignment on the same day.  Homework/classwork details will be posted in GC, unlees I say otherwise.
I will also differentiate assessment dates on the calendar with plenty of notice.
Looking forward to a great school year!