Japanese Dual Immersion at Dunsmore

  • Dunsmore is home to the kindergarten through sixth grade Foreign Language Academy of Glendale – Japanese Program (FLAG-Japanese), which is a two-way bilingual immersion program started in fall, 2014. As a 50/50 program, half of the instructional day is taught in English and half is taught in the target language, Japanese. The FLAG-Japanese Program is staffed with credentialed bilingual teachers who teach the target language mostly through content that is aligned with Common Core State Standards. We use authentic, developmentally-appropriate instructional materials, technology and up-to-date language acquisition techniques to guide our students on their path to bilingualism and bi-literacy. We also believe language cannot be learned in a vacuum and we must prepare our students to become culturally-aware global citizens in our ever-shrinking world. As such, culture is an important part of our language instruction.


    The FLAG-Japanese program is open to students from both within and outside of Glendale Unified School District (pending appropriate permits). For kindergarten entrance, we accept students from a variety of language levels ranging from zero Japanese experience to native Japanese-speaking ability. We accept students from 1st grade through 6th grade depending on Japanese proficiency level and classroom space. Due to the nature of immersion education, parents of FLAG-Japanese students are expected to commit to having their child attend the program from kindergarten through sixth grade. 

    FLAG 日本語プログラムの内容


    日本語が第一言語の児童だけでなく、 全く日本語を知らない児童から様々な言語スキルを持つ児童まで、幅広い文化•言語背景を持つ児童を受け入れる為に、当プログラムはグレンデール統一学校区外に住む方々(編入許可が必要になります)にも提供されています。幼稚園ご入学の時点では日本語力は必須とされませんが、それ以降は学年に空きがあり、日本語力が当学年レベル相当と判断された場合に入学許可がおります。イマージョン教育の恩恵を最大限に活用する為には幼稚園から6年生までの長い道のりは不可欠です。保護者の方々には7年間に渡るイマージョンプログラムに誓約して頂きます。