• Dunsmore PTA Mission Statement:

    As a community of caring adults, we are committed to providing our children with opportunities in a safe environment that will enrich their lives, provide growth and development. We want our children to be happy, healthy and hopeful.

    Programs Funded by the PTA

    Field Trips: The PTA provides each classroom with one bus per school year and each teacher is encouraged to take at least one trip. Written parental permission is required for all field trips. Parents who chaperone must be willing to be responsible for a group of children. Parents volunteering to drive their private cars for transportation of field trips must provide proof of a minimum of $100,000/$300,000 of liability coverage on their insurance policy.

    Programs/Activities/Events Supported

    Founder’s Day: This event celebrates and honors the many parents and organizations that help make Dunsmore so special.

    Hilltop Echoes: The PTA publishes this monthly school newsletter which is published on the school website. The Hilltop Echoes provides up-to-date information about school happenings. Hardcopies are available in the school office.

    Red Ribbon Week: Each October, Dunsmore School and the PTA participate in the annual “Say no to Drugs” National Red Ribbon Campaign. Ribbons or bracelets are given to all students. Red ribbons and posters decorate the school grounds and are put up in the neighborhood, along with daily activities at the school.

    Reflections: Each fall, the National PTA sponsors this event providing an opportunity for all students to express themselves through the arts. A universal theme is provided and students are encouraged to submit a creative project in one of the art areas of literature, music, photography, video production or visual arts.

    Room Representatives: Each classroom has a team of parents to assist the teacher with classroom, PTA, and DESF activities. Parents will be contacted several times throughout the year for help with these activities.

    Yearbook: PTA produces a school yearbook which students may purchase. It contains both individual and class pictures of all students, as well as candid photos of various school events and classroom activities.

    Yellow Ribbon Week: “Hands and Words are NOT for Hurting” is the anti-violence theme of Yellow Ribbon Week which is held each January.