• Breakfast is served from 7:30am-8:00am for $1.25.  Children may bring lunch from home or purchase lunch in the cafeteria for $2.60, which includes a beverage.  For your convenience, you may prepay lunches by the use of Meal Cards.  Pre-payments may be made in the cafeteria or online at  Please make checks payable to GUSD.  Increments of $50.00 (twenty lunches) are recommended.  GUSD Food Services will notify you when the balance is low or when the balance is due.  The cafeteria menu is published at the end of each month and is available online and on the R.D. White website.  On minimum days, students who purchase a lunch will be served a sack lunch “to go.”  Please do not bring your children lunches from local fast food restaurants.  We are emphasizing healthy food choices!