FLAG Japanese Dual Language Immersion Program

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    The FLAG Japanese program began at Verdugo Woodlands Elementary in 2010, and expanded to Dunsmore Elementary in 2014. The program focuses on high levels of language proficiency in English and Japanese.

    FLAG Japanese Program Pathways

    FLAG Japanese Pathway


    Elementary FLAG Program


    The FLAG Japanese program follows a 50:50 Dual Language Immersion model in elementary school. Students receive instruction in Japanese for 50% of the day and in English for 50% of the day. Japanese language is taught both for language acquisition and content instruction.


    Careful consideration is given to the selection and planning of the content areas and themes that are taught in Japanese. Dual Immersion classes are taught by fully-credentialed, bilingual teachers who have additional preparation and expertise in teaching Japanese.


    FLAG Japanese Elementary Schools: Dunsmore ES, Verdugo Woodlands ES


    Middle School FLAG Program


    Students who wish to continue in the FLAG Japanese program for middle school take a Japanese Language Arts class as an elective.


    FLAG Japanese Middle School: Wilson MS


    High School World Languages


    Students who wish to continue their Japanese studies into high school may take Japanese language as an elective. Courses will be available through AP Japanese Language as our current FLAG students matriculate to the AP level. Students will also be eligible to take the AP Japanese exam and earn the Seal of Biliteracy in Japanese.


    Japanese language will be offered at the following high school: Glendale HS