• Students in the elementary Spanish dual language immersion program spend 90% of their day learning in Spanish and 10% learning in English starting in transitional kindergarten (available at Muir Elementary only) and kindergarten. The percentage of English increases annually until 50% of the day is taught in Spanish and 50% in English by 5th grade. Students learn to speak, read, and write in Spanish through content, not as a separate course of study. 

    The elementary Spanish program is offered at: Muir Elementary School beginning in transitional kindergarten, and at Edison and Franklin Elementary Schools beginning in kindergarten.

    For more information, contact Dr. Nancy Hong, Director, Foreign Language Academies of Glendale and Magnet Programs.

    Glendale Unified also offers Spanish dual language immersion preschool at Pacific Avenue Education Center. For more information about our preschool programs, contact GUSD Child Development and Child Care office at 818-247-0775.


    GUSD Spanish Dual Language Immersion Pathways

International Spanish Academy

  • Muir Elementary was recognized as an International Spanish Academy in 2015.  The International Spanish Academies (ISAs) are US schools that follow a program of integrated curriculum language and content in Spanish.  To belong to the ISA network, the schools sign a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Education of Spain. This important partnership allows us to access resources and benefits for our Spanish dual immersion teachers and students.

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