About Foundation

  • John Muir Foundation



    Our Mission

    The John Muir Elementary Foundation, in collaboration with the community and the school district, will support a quality education to enrich, maintain, and expand programs to meet the District's mission of offering additional programs. This will provide the opportunity to all students to gain the ability to learn and to become responsible and productive citizens.


    Who we are

    • A 501 (c) (3) nonprofit tax-exempt philanthropic organization
    • An independent registered community based corporation incorporated on April 20, 2015


    Our Dedication

    • To benefit our students and staff by supporting activities not funded by tax dollars
    • To foster creative approaches to education through campus grants, innovative teaching grants and student scholarships.
    • To increase private support for educational activities at John Muir Elementary School


    Our Results

    • 2015 Raised a total of $12,000
    • 2015 Provided school with Chrome books for classrooms
    • 2016 Raised a total of $8,500
    • 2016 Launched Music class as part of curriculum for all 1st – 2nd grade students
    • 2017 (Though June) Raised a total of $8,100
    • 2017 Expanded Music Program to 1st – 3rd grades
    • 2018 Added Recorder courses to our 3rd grade music curriculum
    • 2019 Raised a total of $15,000
    • 2019 Subsidized an after-school robotics program for K-6 students
    • 2021 Music program successfully moved to an online platform for our students


    Our Fundraising Goals

    • Continue to fund the Music classes and include K to 3rd grade
    • Increase our endowment program
    • Additional school programs: Art classes, Robotics, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and more
    • Receive Grants to award to campus, teachers and students
    • Continue to raise awareness within the community of the mission of the John Muir Education Foundation in order to benefit the students and teachers of John Muir Elementary Foundation


    Our Board

    President- Deborah Hurtado 

    Vice-President - Helen Lynn 

    Treasurer- Willow Voytko

    Secretary- Melissa Kickert    

    Grants- April Fulton, Sonal Patel, Bethany Harrington 

    Social Media - Sonal Patel

    Teacher Liaison- Taleen Petrossian