Emergency Preparedness Plan

  • The goal of the John Muir Elementary School Emergency Disaster Plan is the protection of students and employees should a major disaster occur. The plan identifies members of the school’s disaster teams and outlines responsibilities. The plan is updated and revised annually by the school’s Safety Committee. In accordance with Glendale Unified School District policy for the release of students during an emergency, parents can expect the following procedures to occur at Muir Elementary:

    Procedures For The Release Of Children To Authorized Adults:

    1. Go to the “Request Gate” located on Acacia to request pick-up of your child.

    2. Proceed to the “Release Gate” which is the revolving gate on Garfield and sign your child out. Your child will be brought to you.

    3. All other school entrances will be locked to assure student safety

    Please make sure:
    That your child’s emergency card/contact information is kept current at all times. Notify the school office IMMEDIATELY if there is a change of address or phone number. Please contact the school's office to receive information on how the parent can update contact information on Q Parent Connect. No child will be released to anyone unless their name appears on their Emergency Card. Please bring I.D. with you in the event of an emergency.

    Basic Action Following A Disaster/Earthquake:

    1. When it is safe, teachers and students will evacuate the building and go directly to their designated classroom line‑up area on the playground.

    2.  Teachers will take roll and report the names of the missing or injured to the school command center. All students will put on their identification/ emergency release tags.

    3. School teams (Search and Rescue, First Aid, Triage, etc.) will report to their stations.

    4. District employees will remain with and supervise students until they are picked up.

    5. Parents check their children out using the procedures mentioned above for the release of children to authorized adults.
    Lockdown Procedures:
    In a school-wide lockdown situation, all the doors and gates will be locked. All students will take shelter in the nearest classroom. No student will be released to go home until an “all clear” is given.
    If You See Something, Say Something:
    The GUSD Board and administration are keenly sensitive to the concerns of our students, parents, and community regarding school safety. The solution to school safety extends beyond the walls of our schools and requires a relentless commitment and effort from every stakeholder connected to our students. Please do not stand by – if you “See Something, Say Something.”

    Report any suspicious activity to our school or our district staff. You can call our school directly (818) 241-4848 or download the GUSD app and submit an anonymous tip using the app tip line.  


    We Take Threats Seriously:


    It is not acceptable for a student or an adult to make violent threats – whether it be on campus, off campus, or on social media. Anyone suspected of making threats should expect to be questioned by school personnel and/or investigated by local law enforcement. The safety of our students and employees will not be compromised. Please reinforce with your students the seriousness of making threats – especially violent threats – at school or toward a student or employee.