Phone: 818-247-4805


Degrees and Certifications:

Grigoryan, Satenik

Special Education Teacher
   - M.A. in Education Administration 
   - Credential in Mild/Moderate Disabilities
   - Bachelor’s in Psychology and Child Development
   - Associates degree in Communication
  - Currently in school for American Sign Language 
Subjects I Teach
  - Algebra 1/2
  - Geometry 1/2
  - Biology 1/2
  - Earth Science 1/2
  - Transition
Thousands of starfish washed ashore.
      A little girl began throwing them in the water so they wouldn't die.
         "Don't bother, dear" her mother said, "it won't make a difference."
           The girl stopped for a moment and looked at the starfish in her hand.
               "It will make a difference to this one." 
(Unknown Author)