School Profile

  • Theodore Roosevelt Middle School is located in a business district of the City of Glendale, ten miles west of downtown Los Angeles, with surrounding residences. This year Roosevelt Middle School serves 750 students of which over 81% qualify for free and/or reduced lunch. Nearly 90% of the students at Roosevelt Middle School speak a language in addition to English, which includes 290 English Language Learners. The primary languages spoken by Roosevelt students include, but are not limited to, Armenian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Korean.


    Roosevelt has an emphasis in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), with students receiving opportunities for increased technology through Google's applied digital skills, Coding, Robotics, and so much more! The school provides a safe, clean environment for students, staff and volunteers. The teachers and staff at Roosevelt provide students with opportunities to learn self-discipline through a system of consistent rewards and consequences for behavior. Parents and students are informed of discipline policies at the beginning of each school year through classroom orientation and individual student handbooks. Students are recognized for achievements at various assemblies and special presentations.

    Assistance with specialized instruction is offered to students with special needs. The school uses research-based programs to provide targeted assistance to students falling below grade level. Roosevelt Middle School offers a pull-out intervention program for at-risk students, as well as a seven-period school day to offer additional electives and intervention classes built into the school day.  Homework help and specialized tutoring is available after school four days per week for all students. 

    The examination of data from multiple sources helps administration, staff, parents and students at Roosevelt Middle School develop school wide goals. This year students and staff are focusing on critical thinking across all content areas.

    Roosevelt Middle School's administration, staff, parents, and students perceive their school as a place for learning where there are high expectations for both achievement and behavior. The staff is committed to developing capable people who are self-directed and well prepared for success. Visitors feel the warmth and pride of the school community when they arrive. Roosevelt is a fabulous place to visit and learn.