School History

  • From Glendale Avenue School to Roosevelt Middle School

    In September of 1922, Glendale Avenue School opened with eight classrooms, a manual training room, a sewing room, and a cooking room for students in grades 7 and 8.    The faculty consisted of eight classroom teachers, four specialty teachers, and the school principal. 


    In 1923, six additional classrooms were opened as well as the auditorium.  By 1924, the school’s name had been changed to Glendale Avenue Intermediate School.  On May 22, 1924, the cafeteria opened under the direction of the PTA after the School Board voted to purchase the necessary equipment for the kitchen.  This consisted of an electric dishwasher, an electric mixer, a steam table, sinks, stoves, and dishes.


    On January 11, 1926, Glendale Avenue Intermediate School was renamed Theodore Roosevelt School (also known as TRS).  The trend in the newly emerging city of Glendale was to name schools after great men – either leaders in education or former presidents. 


    In September of 1933, TRS opened its doors to 9th graders and went on to be named Theodore Roosevelt Junior High School


    In 1991, 9th grade students who would attend Hoover High School left Roosevelt.  In 1993, the school was renamed Theodore Roosevelt Middle School when the remaining 9th graders were moved to the Glendale High School campus and once again the school educated student in grades 7 and 8.  In 2003, RMS admitted 65 sixth grade students and began the tradition of a true middle school. 


    Capital Improvements

    The school has had numerous upgrades and changes to the physical space.  From the original buildings of the early 1920s and 30s, the school got an upgraded modern look in the 1970s.  A big change came in the mid 1980s, when additional classroom space was added.  Check out the historical photos of the school over the years.  (1930s to 1960s to 1980s to today!)

  • Students Over the Years

    Not only has the campus changed, but the student body has changed styles and looks over the years.  Check out some examples of our annual panoramic photos below:

  • Current Site and Program

    Our current school plant is situated on six acres and comprised of 50 classrooms, a library, two computer labs, a gymnasium, a fitness center, an auditorium, a cafeteria, an outdoor lunch court, administrative offices, turf fields, and a blacktop playground. Measure K modernizations were completed in 2004 and included installation of campus-wide air conditioning, connecting all classrooms to the Internet, and surfacing of the court. Additionally, the administrative offices were refurbished with the main entrance moved to Acacia Avenue in order to improve student safety.  In 2007, Roosevelt was selected as NASA explorer school, which focused instruction to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).  The school has retained the focus, adding a strong component for MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement).  In the mid 2010s, Roosevelt welcomed the first students from the Foreign Language Academies of Glendale (FLAG).  The school provides a well-rounded curriculum with high expectations of academic and behavioral success for all students. 

    On May 7, 2019, the GUSD Board of Education Voted for the school to become Roosevelt STEAM Academy, a magnet school with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.  Click here to read the article in the Glendale News Press/LA Times.  


    School Principals

    1922-1927 | Normal R. Whytock

    1927-1932 | Arthur F. Bennet

    1932-1938 | Harry Lee Howe

    1938-1974 | Kenneth M. Montgomery

    1947-1951 | Knowles C. Howe

    1951-1957 | Otho A. Pettyjohn

    1957-1970 | Sidney I. Root

    1971-1975 | Robert A. Karbe

    1975-1986 | Dr. Martin Z. Pilgreen

    1986-1998 | Judith White

    1998-1999 | Jeannie Flint

    1999-2005 | Anne Gibson

    2005-2009 | Dr. Maria G. Gandera

    2009-2012 | Lynn Marso

    2012-2017 | Dr. Mary Mason

    2017-2021 | Dr. Kyle Bruich

    2021-Present | Perla Chavez Fritz